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On October 30, Lori Loughlin turned herself over to authorities to begin serving a 60 day sentence for her role in the college admissions bribery scandal.

The former Full House star was not scheduled to begin her sentence until November, but it seems she grew increasingly anxious as the big day approached, and she worked out a deal to surrender herself sooner.

Lori Loughlin Off to Court
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The good news, of course, is that Lori will finish her sentence sooner, and she may even be "home for Christmas" as her reps have predicted.

The bad news is, she’s reportedly finding prison life to be even more challenging than she anticipated.

According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Loughlin lives a life of non-stop fear behind bars.

Mossimo Giannulli, Wife
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She’s been prepping for her sentence for months, but she’s apparently finding the stress of the experience altogether too much to bear.

After having her legal team pull some strings, Loughlin was sent to a cushy prison near her kids, who have reportedly already visited more than once.

But while the support of her family has been instrumental in helping Lori maintain her sanity, for most of the day — and all of the night — Loughlin is alone, with just her thoughts and her fellow cellmates as company.

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“She’s a pretty spiritual person who loves yoga, pilates and meditates and has been trying to just be at peace with the situation and that’s what she’s been doing to prepare,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

We’ve been hearing about Loughlin’s preparations for prison for months, but we’re sure most inmates would attest that nothing can really prepare you for the real thing.

In the final weeks before her sentence began, Lori disappeared from public view, reportedly so that she could avoid being part of a media circus before her sentence.

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The insider confirms that Loughlin has “definitely become more secluded and private with the details of everything and her goal was always to go in as quietly as possible.”

The source adds that Lori “wanted to go in before her deadline to arrive in November" so as not to spend more time stewing in her own anxiety.

Lori and her husband, fashion designer Mossimmo Giannulli, were convicted of taking part in an elaborate fraud and bribery scheme with the goal of ensuring their two daughters’ admission to USC.

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According to prosecutors, the couple shelled out $500,000 to an "admissions consultant" who convinced the college that the two girls were star athletes.

When Loughlin was sentenced over the summer, the feeling among observers is that she had received a slap on the wrist.

However, serving her sentence in what is essentially solitary confinement due to the Covid-19 pamdemic has apparently taken a tremendous emotional toll on the mother of two.

Loughlin, Lori
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“Lori really went into prison strong, she had her faith and the support of her family, but the first few days and road ahead are daunting,” one insider tells Us Weekly.

"Lori tried her best to be brave and look at the end result but there was nothing that could dissipate her fears,” the source.

“It’s only two months but she’s dreading it. Her mind keeps telling her that something will go horribly wrong in prison or that her stay could be prolonged.”

Lori Loughlin at the People's Choice Awards
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Lori undeniably did the crime, and it’s only right that she should do the time.

Still, you can’t help but feel for her, what with being confined under such unusual and frightening circumstances.

We wish Lori and her family all the best as they continue to weather this crisis.