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Isabel Roloff is nothing but an open book on social media.

She’ll defend her marriage, even while admitting there have been problems.

She’ll call out white privilege, even when the perpetrator is a family member.

Isabel Roloff Profile Photo
Photo via Instagram

And now she’ll admit that the words of a stranger really can have a profound, and sad effect on her as a human being.

Earlier this week, Isabel took to her Instagram Story and shared with fans an encounter that she had with a very mean person who sent her the following message:

"Wow she’s put on a lot of weight."

The awful remark was in regard to the following photo, which even included the following caption:

Posting these because I think I look good in them, but more than that, I think I look happy. And that deserves to be celebrated these days.

Photo via Instagram

People sure can suck, can’t they?

Isabel — who is married to Jacob Roloff and who has appeared at times on Little People, Big World — didn’t shy away from how this critique really got to her.

"I saw this comment on an especially bad body day and I cried and removed the photo,"  she wrote in response, adding:


"I will call it out every time because there is a misconception that people with a lot of followers should not expect it, but accept it and I never will."

Added Roloff:

‘I don’t share these for pity or ‘you’re beautiful! comments.’

"I share these to expose the dark side of social media/life in the ‘public eye’ where people think they can comment whatever they want about people’s bodies."

Along with her righteous anger, Isabel also got a little cheeky in her reply.

As you can see above, Isabel posted a meme that featured her posing with a speech bubble that read:

"they’re probably just mad that I’m this thick and hot."

Via another photo, Isabel posted yet another thought bubble, this one reading as follows:

"they’re probably just projecting their own internalized fatphobia onto me."

Honestly? They probably are.

A short time after sharing these memes and messages, Isabel made sure to calm her fans and anyone who is concerned about her, writing alongside a smiling selfie:

"Don’t worry y’all. I’m doing the work. Not letting those type of comments get to me anymore.

"It still sucks to see initially but I know who I am.

"Here’s your daily reminder to be kind to yourself and above all else to LOVE YOURSELF."

Photo via Instagram

Such important and inspiring words there.

Isabel and Jacob got married in September 2019 at the Roloff family farm in Oregon after getting engaged in December 2017.

There’s been some unfounded chatter of late that the two may be on the brink of a divorce, but Isabel responded to these rumors with two simple and wrong words: