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Just last week, Khloe Kardashian debuted another new face, alarming and confusing fans.

That wasn’t her only appearance, and her look at a recent family gathering had fans asking who she was.

Caitlyn Jenner Celebrates 71st Birthday
Photo via Instagram

Caitlyn Jenner turned 71 last week — her birthday is October 28.

She marked the occassion with a celebration, one that included gal pal Sophia Hutchins and daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

While fans were stunned to see Kourtney, Kim, and especially Khloe at the gathering after a lot of bad blood, it was Khloe’s face that ended up stealing the show.

"WTF did Khloe do to her face?" asks one commenter. "She was naturally beautiful."

"Kourtney’s the only one rocking her original face," another observes.

One very shady comment simply asks Caitlyn: "Who’s sitting on your left?" With this zoomed in version of the photo, the answer is clearer:

"Khloe needs to stop trying to look something she’s not," asserts a commenter. "[Love] her but she’s tripping with her looks."

"What the f–k has happened to Khloe’s face?" another demands to know.

Another fan reiterates: "Seriously, what is going on with Khloe’s face?"

"Sophia Hutchins looks like Ivanka Trump, OMG," reads a very shady, even downright mean, comment.

It is important to note, by the way, that we didn’t have to go fishing for comments, or pick and choose which ones to snip out.

These are easy to find after scrolling through the boosted-to-the-top celebrity/verified comments. We didn’t have to single out any … with one exception.

"Why is Denise Richards there?" is the funniest shade that we’ve seen in a while, and we’re not even sure which person it’s about.

It could be about Khloe or it could be about Sophia, or even someone else.

Honestly, though Denise is famously beautiful, she is nearly 50, so this is an almost ambiguous bit of shade. Masterfully crafted.

Photo via Instagram

Khloe has given a whole new meaning to the term "face journey" this year.

Whether it’s the result of photo-editing software like Facetune, or cosmetic procedures, or simply lighting and makeup …

… The world agrees that Khloe’s face looks radically different from one photo to the next.

Photo via CBS

Khloe is no stranger to makeovers. A decade ago, she looked very different than she does now.

But her "revenge body" makeover is a little different than the day-by-day facial transformations that she seemingly undergoes.

In fact, one set of Khloe’s photos from this year prompted politicians to seriously discuss a law requiring that celebrities label when their photos are doctored.

Photo via Instagram

You know how the FTC requires Instagram ads to be labeled as such because celebrity endorsements are a huge business?

There’s talk — in some places, including the UK — of implementing a similar mandate for touched up photos on social media — when the poster is famous, at least.

Because if you see two photos of Khloe a week apart and don’t recognize them as the same person, know that you are not alone.

Photo via Instagram

Obviously, Khloe has every right to sculpt her flesh prison however she pleases, and that includes changing how her face looks — in person or on social media.

But fans are concerned at the psychological factors that drive Khloe and others to warp their appearances beyond recognition.

Want to look different? No problem. But if you’re chasing an unattainable goal of a "perfect" look and making yourself into a caricature, maybe you’d be better off in therapy.