Christine Brown Flirts with Kody, Makes All Critics Nauseous

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Marital trouble that could spell the end of her long-time union?

WHAT marital trouble that could spell the end of her long-time union?!?

This is the message that Christine Brown is obviously trying to send followers.

Christine Brown on Facebook

Just a few days ago, the Internet lit up in speculation after Kody Brown sold an Arizona home to this spiritual Sister Wife.

The move went unreported by some outlets because there are many numbers involved and a lot of possiblly confusing real estate terms.

According to The Sun, though, Christine most definitely took out a $394,000 loan for the house she had been sharing with the Sister Wives patriarch.

On August 28, Kody then transferred this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home to Christine, to whom he is not legally married -- a fact that does matter in such a context.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown on Couch

On the couple's warrant deed, Kody, as the grantor, is listed as bieing “married” (because he wed Robyn back in 2014), while “single" Christine is the grantee.

This terminology confirms that she did, indeed, purchase the residence.

Because it helped Kody fix his troubling money problems in some way?


Christine Brown Smiles

Or... because this relationship is over?

Social media users across the World Wide Web have been assuming the latter -- while openly rooting for Christine to leave Kody -- which is likely what prompted Christine to send the message we cited above.

On Saturday, during a Facebook Live session where Christine showed followers how to make Thanksgiving rolls, the reality star showed off the finished product.

And then she posted a caption that referenced her husband.

christine rolls

As you can see right here, it reads as follows:

“Seriously!! @kodywinnbrown !! Eat the whole roll! Not just the top!! Are you 10! #kids #pickyeaters #thanksgiving #rolls #howoldareyou."

How... cute? We guess?

Or how disgusting, many critics out there are probably thinking.

They don't need to be reminder that a) Christine is still spending time with Kody and/or that b) Kody only eats part of a roll and then leaves the rest.

Christine Brown in a Jacket

Christine has opened an account on the personal message platform Cameo and is busy these days as a LulaRoe clothing rep.

She seems pretty hard up for cash, and especially came across that way when her teenage daughter needed back surgery a couple months ago.

The young woman did get the surgery in the end, and many fans took note of Kody's absence at the hospital for the procedure.

They were hoping this jerk move would have prompted Christine to leave him.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

But Christine hadn't said a word about Kody in ages prior to the caption she shared on Saturday.

Seems hard to believe that was just a coincidence; she's clearly aware of the break-up speculation and is trying to set the record straight.

Much to the chagrin of a handful of fans out there.

“I hope she did leave him!" one Reddit user wrote, for example, adding:

"She has been thriving in her own home. Every photo she looks better and happier than she ever did in Las Vegas or in Utah.”

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