Angela Deem: Finally Flaunting Results of Weight Loss Surgery?

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Polarizing 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is still waiting to be reunited with Michael Ilesanmi.

She has recently teased fans about her dramatic weight loss plans.

Angela Deem Debuts a New Face

"Who's the best MEMA," Angela Deem asks in the captions of one of her latest photos.

The photo is from a "unicorn and JoJo Siwa" motif birthday party for two of her grandchildren.

Ana turned 6. London Rae turned 8.

Angela Deem Smiles Beside Skyla Deem

The girls each got their own birthday cake, as is appropriate.

Additionally, the party-goers enjoyed chips and dip, fresh fruit cups, sprinkle-rimmed drinks, and ice cream.

Our limited view of the party make it appear to have been a small gathering. Hopefully, it was only for people sharing a pandemic bubble.

Angela Deem Smiles With Her Hair Up

However, the primary focus of fans, followers, and commenters was not the party.

Angela's grandbabies are adorable. The party certainly looked fun. We all hope that it was safe.

Instead, the focus was on what little of Angela we could see.

Angela Deem Has Lost Weight

What people observed was that Angela's face, although viewed at an angle in questionable lighting, appears to be thinner.

She was also seen to have some extra skin dangling below her chin.

As we know, sudden and rapid weight loss can outpace the elasticity of skin, causing folds of extra skin.

Angela Deem Wants Michael Ilesanmi to Tell the Truth

“Angela, you look amazing!” raves one commenter.

Another praises: “Angela, you lost a lot of weight lady! Looking good!”

Another follower gushes: “The best mema is a healthy mema [smiley face emoji].”

Michael Ilesanmi Haunted by Angela Deem

Angela's apparent weight loss is not a surprise to anyone.

At the Tell All this year, she announced her plans for weight loss surgery.

Though Michael emphasized his disapproval and told her that he finds her beautiful as she is, Angela could not be dissuaded.

Angela Deem Laughs Out Loud

Now, fans think that she underwent the weight loss surgery and that they are now seeing the results -- or the beginnings of them.

Weight loss surgery is more complicated than simply removing fat, and it can take a little time for the effects to be shown.

But Angela was looking conspicuously trim enough in that photo for scores of fans to take notice.

Angela Deem Tells Michael Ilesanmi Some News

It is unclear how Michael will actually feel upon seeing the results.

Of course, we haven't seen the final results yet ourselves, as one from-the-side pic at half of her face doesn't count.

It may be that he will embrace Angela's new body. Ultimately, though, it's her flesh prison and her opinion on it is the only one that matters.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Reunite

That said, Angela seems to think that hers is the only opinion that matters on anything.

This has drawn fire from fans, who say that her lock of compromise is a real problem in her marriage to Michael.

If we might be so bold, it's almost the least of their worries.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi Listen Nervously to the Doctor

Angela has, time and time again, displayed verbally and emotionally abusive behavior that is jarring.

The way that she yells at and otherwise mistreats Michael when angry ... it is truly unacceptable behavior from anyone.

Sadly, our world is not yet enlightened enough to make yelling illegal, but fans still hope that Michael can somehow escape this toxic relationship.

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