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No one is more concerned over Jackson and Lilah Roloff’s health than their loving parents.

But Tori admits that, though they mean well, the concern trolling from fans can be a little much sometimes.

Tori R.

This week, Tori Roloff opened up to Us Weekly about one of the recurring trials of being a parent and a reality star.

She affirmed that, as parents, she and Zach always try to do the “right thing” for their children.

Jackson is 3 (already!) and baby Lilah is 10 months old. 

Tori Roloff and Her Mom

However, Tori is all too aware that some of her followers on Instagram do not always agree with her choices or Zach’s.

We’ve been following their parenting story since it began, of course, and Tori has been mom-shamed since Jackson was a newborn.

“That’s just how it goes,” Tori expressed fatalistically this week.

Of all of the … we’ll be generous and call it feedback … that the two of them receive, there is one thing that gets under their skin.

Tori shared that she does not at all like "when people pick apart our kids’ medical diagnoses, that’s the thing for me," she explains.

That could get very old very quickly coming from random internet strangers and not from, say, their doctors.

Tori Roloff is Seriously Worried

Tori remarked: “I’m like, ‘You have to know that we are taking care of it.’"

"I think when that gets brought into question," she expressed, "I have no patience for it."

Tori explained that her frustration arises "just because Zach and I are very on top of it."

Tori Roloff and Hubby

"We’re very involved in it," Tori reiterated of her devotion to her children and their health.

Tori and Zach are still relatively new at parents. They welcomed Jackson into the world in May of 2017.

They have been open about his dwarfism. (And can you believe that he’s going to be three-and-a-half next month?)

Tori R.

“Thank the Lord, Jackson hasn’t really had any significant [health struggles],” Zach shared last year, when Jackson turned two.

“He’s had a couple ear infections," he acknowledged, "which can be common with dwarfism."

Zach did admit at the time: "There’s a lot of potentials, but for now it’s too early to tell.”

Tori and Children

Lilah also has dwarfism.

“Everything’s working out and everything is good,” Tori noted last April, when Lilah was just a few months old.

There are a number of potential health problems that can come with disabilities. Matt had to have multiple surguries related to his dwarfism. Comparatively, Amy had a relatively easy time.

Celebrating Young Jackson

“When you are becoming a parent to a child that has any sort of disability or any sort of thing," Tori acknowledged, "it can be really scary."

She added: "I think that I’m proud to have shared that moment with [viewers].”

Seeing others learn of their child’s diagnosis can help to prepare viewers to go through that themselves — or help them understand what others experience.

Tori did share the opinion this week that most of the criticisms and advice come “from a place of love."

However, concern trolling as it is called is still trolling, and Tori recognizes troll comments when she sees them.

“They feel like they know us," Zach commented this week.

Lilah, Jackson and Zach

"And they watched the show for so long," he remarked, "that they do feel invested."

“Then they do feel like they can just give advice," Zach added.

Medical advice should come from loved ones or, ideally, medical professionals — not from Instagram bloggers.