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We already knew that The Hills: New Beginnings was getting a second season, with some twists.

Now, we know a good deal more. And it turns out that the cast is getting quite the shakeup.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Brody Jenner Are Back!

Yes, there will be more of Justin Bobby.

The Pratt family and their bounty of feuds will of course remain a fixture on the show.

We mention this out of reassurance, because the absolute hellscape of 2020 means that Season 1 feels like it aired years ago.

Heidi Returns

The Season 2 renewal news is actually old news, because MTV announced it in July … of 2019.

The first season of this revival (it is not a reboot; stop calling it that) had not even concluded production at the time.

New Beginnings is distinct from Original Recipe The Hills in a number of ways, and that trend is expected to continue on the revival’s sophomore season.

The Hills Series Finale Photo

"The title says it all — New Beginnings," Nina L. Diaz, MTV’s president of entertainment, has described to The Hollywood Reporter.

"This time around," she characterized, "the cast are 30-somethings."

"And," Diaz noted, "many are at a pivotal crossroads in their personal and professional journey."

Brody on The Hills: New Beginnings

"The cast let us into their lives to reveal some of the truths of their new reality and their real emotions," Diaz added.

She concluded that viewers will follow along "as they experience these new beginnings."

So Season 2 is likely to have, well, more of that.

Justin-Bobby Brescia with the Good Hair

But, as we have previously reported, production has been strongly considering housing the castmates together in either a shared mansion or in a complex or compound together.

The reason? COVID-19 precautions, of course.

In a single, controlled space, with production isolated from the rest of the world and regular testing, they can film people having everyday interactions with minimal risk to the cast and crew.

Spencer Pratt Shrugs While Heidi Montag Beams

Of course, filming had begun before the pandemic shut down production … but there was so little filming that had been done that it won’t really set the tone for the season.

Even if they include the footage, it looks like it’s mostly going to be post-COVID and with full precautions.

Housing these (and we say this mostly lovingly) absolute human disasters together could be a recipe for unprecedented drama. 

Brody in Thought

Like … even if you take normal people and put them under one roof or whatever, there is going to be conflict that you wouldn’t get if they were just clocking in and clocking out of recording and going home.

Reality stars are cut from a different cloth. They don’t have to fish for drama, because they are dramatic people.

We are beside ourselves with eagerness to see how all of that works out.

Now, Kristin is going to "make an appearance" — she confirmed as much in March.

We all know that she is currently part of a grueling divorce with Jay Cutler.

This could be pretty complicated, to say the least.

Stephanie Pratt on MTV

Stephanie has called her brother and Heidi "evil" while referencing that she has no plans to return for Season 2.

Fans were left scratching their heads by the bizarre social media post.

Stephanie thanked Justin for being her "rock," but ragequit the show just the same. If nothing has changed since last summer, then we shouldn’t expect to see Stephanie return.

And then, of course, there is Mischa. As we previously reported, Season 2 will not include Mischa.

A decade ago, Mischa was making headlines left and right for being a total disaster.

On the revival? She and her storylines are too darn bland, and she’s being replaced by Caroline D’Amore.