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Leah Messer is having a moment.

Over the past few months, the mother of three has gone from being one of the most overlooked Teen Moms to one of the most buzzed-about.

Leah Messer and Dog
Photo via Instagram

This is largely a result of Leah’s memoir, which was published earlier this year.

The book finds Leah opening up for the first time about many of the trials and tribulations that have shaped her life.

For the first time, Messer admitted to struggling with opioid addiction and shared details of her traumatic childhood.

Leah Messer Admits to Heroin Use in Shocking New Interview

Many fans likely felt that they already knew Leah as a result of her ten years in the reality TV spotlight.

But her memoir proved that Leah hadn’t shared her entire story on MTV.

That spirit of openness and candor seems to have influenced Leah’s social media posts, as well.

Leah Messer Drinks Wine
Photo via Instagram

Leah’s posts used to focus primarily on family moments, and she still devotes plenty of attention to her kids.

But these days, Leah seems more confident and more self-assured than ever before.

As a result, she’s sharing photos of herself in which she’s clearly a fan of her attire, her hair, and her whole look.

Leah and Kids
Photo via Instagram

In other words, these are pics in which Leah is feelin’ herself.

Sharing this sort of photo is an impulse that we should encourage in everyone, particularly people who have endured as many difficulties as Leah has.

Sadly, bitterness and idiocy are alive and well on the internet in 2020, and Leah’s posts still attract a baffling amount of negativity.

Leah Messer Modeling on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Leah posted the photo above earlier this week, and for some reason, a random stranger felt the need to tell her she was wrong for doing so.

“Does it boost your self-confidence when so many people tell you how pretty you are?" this person asked.

"Is that why you post pics of yourself, do you really need all that?” 

Leah Confesses

Thankfully, Leah didn’t let the unprovoked trash talk slide.

She clapped back at the troll, while maintaining a civil tone:

“I personally enjoy dressing up and providing good quality content for my followers," Leah wrote.

Photo via Instagram

"You can unfollow me if you’d like because the opinion of you or anyone else is irrelevant to my growth, love,” she added.

“I think uplifting and empowering everyone is something we can evidently benefit more from.”

Leah went on to explain the caption of her post, which read, "Embody your soul."

Leah Messer Screams

“But do they really embody the true essence of their soul?” Leah wrote.

“Good question because there was a time I did not … I allowed my anxiety, trauma, depression, and unconscious beliefs to control my way of living," she continued.

"But when I embody the true essence of living in wholeheartedness, self-acceptance, love and light. It changed the entire trajectory of my sense of soul and purpose.”

Ironically, the critic provided Leah with an opportunity to demonstrate that her newfound confidence is rooted in legitimate and hard-earned self-love, and not reliant on appearances or validation from others.

There was a time — not all that long ago — when Leah’s last name was frequently used in jokes about her complicated personal life.

Now, unexpectedly, she’s transformed from a walking cautionary tale to aspirational figure — call it pulling a reverse-Jenelle Evans.

We applaud her progress, and we look forward to seeing what her future will bring.