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Even after Larissa Lima’s recent tell all interview, she still has no shortage of haters who seem to live to troll her.

She has had enough and is clapping back — assuring anyone who hates her that the feeling is so mutual.

Larissa Lima Snaps a Selfie in Colorado Springs

Late Sunday night, Larissa Lima posted a strongly-worded message to her most vicious trolls.

"My page has nothing to do with 90 Day," she notes, referring to the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

She says that this is the case "as I am no longer a cast member of the franchise." She was fired in September, as TLC had qualms about her CamSoda livestream.

Larissa Lima Laughs on Deck

"For the two years I was on the show," Larissa recalls, "I had been bullied, harrassed, and threatened."

Wow, it really has only been two years.

The amount of vitriol that she has received is awful. She is not alone in being hated, but she is one of the series’ most polarizing stars.

Larissa Lima Showcases New Booty

"Now that I am emancipated and independent," Larissa says, "I make decisions for myself."

She writes that she makes her own choices "including how I choose to earn money."

90 Day Fiance pays very little. She chose something more lucrative.

Larissa Lima Gets Playful With The Camera

"I will not tolerate any more bullying," Larissa admonishes her haters.

"My target audience is now all adult," she explains, "because my main focus is Onlyfans."

"It is for my Onlyfans that I will post any related content on my IG," Larissa adds.

Larissa Lima in Animal Print

"To the adult women continuously bashing me on their authentic or cowardly fake accounts," Larissa addresses.

Sad that internalized misogyny is so intense that her primary haters are women.

She asks that these people "unfollow please."

Larissa Lima in White Lace Lingerie

"I am here, I am working, and I am paying a lot of taxes," Larissa notes.

Some of her most vicious detractors were practically salivating during her September 2019 run-in with ICE, hoping to see her gone. Some people have a rot in their souls.

She adds: "None of you people with your loathing comments and messages have the right to judge me."

Larissa Lima Flaunts Her New Profile

"You don’t like me?" Larissa asks.

"Great," she replies.

Larissa tells her most ardent haters that "the feeling is mutual."

Larissa Lima in Red Lingerie

"How about you stop making the conscientious decision to look on my page?" Larissa suggests.

"Just unfollow," she recommends. Seriously, it’s a good idea.

You know how many times I check Geoffrey Paschel’s page when it’s not for an article? Zero.

Larissa Lima Flaunts a Cute Outfit

"Or even better," Larissa recommends, "just block me if I offend your wholesome values."

To clarify, there is nothing "wholesome" about attacking or demeaning sex workers or criticizing sex work.

She is clearly parodying her haters, of course.

Larissa Lima in a Pink Bikini

"Do not bully my friends or my fans," Larissa instructs her detractors.

"That is so pathetic to do," she correctly points out.

It is wrong, it is pathetic, and "and its not making me go away."

"You online bullies are playing with fire," Larissa notes.

"And one day," she predicts, "a person will be pushed over the edge."

She is referring to how a fan harassed by dozens or hundreds of Larissa’s trolls might be vulnerable and could die by suicide.

Larissa Lima Poses in White Lingerie

"Yes, public figures are in a public forum and should be able to take the heat," Larissa notes.

She is not only speaking of public figures, hwoever.

Larissa concludes her post: "But this level of virtual harassment is completely out of control."

"I can’t believe I let my good friend magician @jack.alexanderrr saw me in half!!" Larissa captioned another post.

See, Larissa was recently one of a Vegas magician’s "lovely assistants," participating in an on-stage illusion.

She joked: "I was so scared Jack might make me disappear forever but he a professional and he know what he doing!"

"I felt sexy, playfull and had so much fun to do this," Larissa raved.

She asked: "Who want me to world tour with Jack and his magic show in 2021?"

That actually sounds amazing. Though her haters probably will not think so.