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Earlier this week, Kailyn Lowry stripped down for a revealing photoshoot that showed fans a side of her they’d never seen before.

The Teen Mom 2 star says she had two goals for the shoot — to celebrate how far she’s come since welcoming her fourth child in July, and to mark the beginning of a new stage in her health journey.

Kail in Lingerie

"this shoot was a challenge for me. i’ve birthed 4 humans & people expect my body to snap back immediately. when it doesn’t – i get body shamed, when I go to the gym it’s selfish," Lowry captioned the photos.

"when I love my body, it’s unhealthy. there is no ‘winning’ for me in the court of public opinion," she added.

"all of this being said, i decided to do shit at my own pace. i decided i would start here – a photoshoot to be proud of my body and really love what it has been capable of doing 4x – but also as a starting point in my fitness & health journey."

Kailyn Lowry Naked in Bed
Photo via Instagram

Though the pics have received more than half a million likes, they’ve also received quite a bit of criticism.

Sadly, Kail is something of a divisive figure, so this was not entirely unexpected.

But Lowry bravely left the comments on her post turned on, even as fans began to berate her with abusive language.

Kailyn Lowry Gets Naked
Photo via Instagram

Several users felt the need to inform Kail that they planned to unfollow her.

Why people always feel the need to call attention to themselves when doing this, instead of just smashing that "unfollow" button remains one of the great mysteries of social media. 

"Girl, bye," one user wrote, according to The Blast.

Several others commented with just the word "unfollowing."

We’re sure their insightful commentary on Kail’s page will be greatly missed.

"See why your [sic] a teen mom," one person wrote, in one of those comments that says much more about the commenter than the person they’re trying to insult.

Kail at the Gym
Photo via Instagram

"Attention much??" one follower asked.

Fortunately, Kail had a prompt response lined up for that one.

"Isn’t that what IG is for??" she replied.

Kailyn Lowry Lingerie

It’s a fair point.

No one is posting to social media because they hate receiving attention from others.

As much as it may seem otherwise these days, posting is not mandatory.

Kailyn Lowry Shines In 2020
Photo via Instagram

Generally speaking, people who do it are hoping for some sort of response from the public, and surely most would be be thrilled with half a million likes.

As is usually the case with undeserved contempt from strangers, jealousy is probably the motivating factor here.

Commenters are jealous of how quickly Lowry lost the weight after giving birth, or their envious of her fame, or her career.

Kailyn Lowry: Topless In Jeans

Whatever the case, we find it hard to believe that so many Teen Mom 2 fans on Instagram are so puritanical that they’re appalled by the sight of a little cleavage.

The show offers so much more to be appalled by.

So click away from Kail’s page and make more productive use of your time by reminding Jenelle Evans that she’s an abusive bigot.