Deavan Clegg: I Can Prove that Jihoon Ripped Drascilla's Hair Out!

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Last week, Deavan Clegg responded to our coverage, revealing chilling child-abuse allegations against Jihoon.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance star reveals that she has evidence of that chilling night in Korea ... and is showing a photo of 

Deavan Clegg and Drascilla with Missing Hair

Deavan shared this sweet photo of her with her young daughter, Drascilla.

Many fans have observed that, in the photo, Drascilla appears to have a strip of hair missing from the side of her head.

She wisely turned off comments. There are things that people have said about this sweet, inquisitive little girl that should frankly get them arrested. Deavan does not need to read that.

Jihoon Lee IG 05 of 13 - Drascilla hair pull

Jihoon went on a lengthy rant. Part of that rant included describing an incident in which he admitted to pulling Drascilla's hair.

He said that he had done so to demonstrate to Drascilla how hair-pulling was uncomfortable to other preschool students.

While he should not have done that, Deavan says that this is not the "incident" that led her to flee Korea and accuse Jihoon of abuse.

Deavan Clegg IG - Jihoon ripped out a section of hair

"Jihoon’s trying to act like it’s Drascilla’s fault and that’s why he pulled her hair," Deavan said in a recent interview with AllAboutTheTea.

"But," she continued, "he’s making it sound like it was just like this [light tug on hair] like ‘don’t hurt the other girls.’"

Deavan corrects: "No, it was 3 a.m., and I’m not even kidding."

Drascilla Clegg enjoys the fish

"It’s like [a chunk] of her hair was gone," Deavan describes.

"It was just one pull at 3 a.m." she reveals.

"I heard her scream," Deavan recalls of that awful night, "and I went to go see what was going on and then all that bad stuff happened."

Deavan Clegg Snaps a Crop Top Selfie

Though Deavan had previously mentioned "3am" as the time of the harrowing incident, there are other details that have leaked but not been confirmed.

An alleged screenshot of a DM from Deavan has circulated in 90 Day Fiance online spaces, alleging that Jihoon attacked Drascilla when she got up to refill her water.

According to Deavan, he went on to hit Drascilla after the hair-pulling. When she called the police, he allegedly locked himself in the room with Taeyang, threatening to take both of their lives.

Deavan Clegg alleged DM - details Jihoon attacking Drascilla 3am, ripping out hair

Those of us familiar with how domestic violence cases often arise know that little everyday incidents -- a child having trouble sleeping, a broken knickknack -- can set off a horrific incident.

Whether the alleged abuser is tired, drunk, or just impatient by disposition, any minor annoyance can turn into the worst day (or night) of a victim's life.

Jihoon has not admitted to Deavan's allegations in any public manner ... but he may not need to when it comes to Deavan's legal case against him.

Drascilla all dressed up for the Baek-il

Deavan has revealed that she made a recording on that frightening night.

Though of course the beginning of the incident would not have been recorded, it sounds like she is implying that she does have a recording of at least some of Jihoon's behavior.

If the video matches her description, she could likely prove her case to any fans willing to listen -- but she has instead chosen to reserve the video for any legal battle in which it is required.

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