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It’s never too late for a second chance.

Or, in the case of June Shannon, a thirty-second chance.

But, hey, it stilll counts, right?

Photo via Instagram

The veteran reality star, and long-time hardcore drug user, recorded an Instagram video over the weekend in which she’s lip-syncing to Andrea Day’s "Rise Up."

In the video, the grandmother and reality star is clearly feeling pretty darn good about herself.

The screen shots above and below are from this footage.

Photo via Instagram

"Lol just having a lil fun today this is my theme song everyday loving and living life to the fullest," Shannon wrote as a caption to the video.

Such a message is a far cry from the state viewers saw Shannon in during the latest season of her WeTV reality show.

For the most part, Shannon  was a tear-filled mess on episodes that were filmed late last year.

June Shannon tears

She was neglecting her daughters due to a crack addiction, while also admitting that she spent $2,500 a day on meth.

She had lost weight, she had lost all her money and she had lost the trust of her kids, Alana, Anna, Jessica and Lauryn.

That was back then, however.

June Shannon is Sober

In August, Shannin bragged that she was six months sober (but still with awful and violent boyfriend, Geno Doak).

"It’s probably the most thing I’m proud of," she explained on Instagram, showing off her newest sobriety chip and stating in what what we hope to be have been accurate bombshell:

"Now me and Geno are over six months clean."

As you may recall, Shannon was arrested for cocaine possession in March 2019.

This arrest took placeafter she and Doak got into a heated argument while sitting inside a parked car at a gas station in Alabama.

Geno was booked at the time for domestic violence and the couple has been on a downward spiral ever since.

Mama June and Geno Doak Pic
Photo via WeTV

Until now, it appears.

We pray, for the sake of June’s children, that June’s days of spiraling and pawning off her possessions are long gone.

To hear June tell it, it’s only going up from here.

June Shannon red onepiece header crop

Continued June in her latest social media caption: "Been at the bottom and rising back up to the top."

"If u r going through something in your life u can always over come it," she counseled her fans and followers.

"Happy and 8 1/2 [sic] mths clean," June continued.

Photo via Instagram

June then offered: "And if u r struggling with addiction your recovery or just need someone to talk to In here."

The reality star needs to work on her grammar — but we appreciate that she seems to be working hard on her recovery.

Still, some fans share her family’s worries that June is not "playing for keeps" when it comes to getting better.

Photo via WeTV

Could Shannon be putting on a show of cleaning up her act so just to earn a fifth season of her show and give producers a fresh storyline on which to focus?


But the motivation matters less than the result, you know?

June Shannon Shows Off Her Cute New 'Do

Clean and sober is clean and sober.

Mama June also took a moment this weekend to acknowledge her supporters, writing:

"I want say I appreciate all the love and support over all these years."

June Shannon in a Mask

She continued: "Today makes 9 yrs that we started sharing our life with the world and showing y’all that crazy dysfunctional side of America LOL but we couldn’t have done it without you."

To her credit, Shannon also spoke at a rehab center last week.

"The old June is back! I’m feeling good. Being back to my old self."

June Shannon Does Yoga

"I am definitely an addict… You can only take it a day at a time," she wrote online afterward, adding:

"The world better watch out. I’m back bitches. Here we go."

That is nothing short of encouraging, and we hope that she can stay on the straight and narrow — for her sake and that of her family.