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17-year-old Justin Duggar seems on the verge of marriage to Claire Spivey.

His big sister Jinger has provided some insight into how Michelle and Jim Bob "encourage" their children to court and get married ASAP.

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Obviously, there are many factors that drive a person to get married before they’re old enough to vote.

This includes the expectations of their fundamentalist cult — layers of which encourage people to marry while they’re very young and while they’ve seen little of the world.

But there’s something a lot simpler that pushes the Duggar kids in particular to go courting.

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It all starts at home.

Household management is tricky, and it is no surprised that there are a lot of chores to be done in such a large household.

And who does them? Their small army of children.

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It’s not just that the children are expected to help with everyday tasks like laundry and dishes and to keep their own space clean.

They are also required to participate in homeschooling their younger siblings and in cooking for their entire families.

Jim Bob apparently pays the children three cents per chore performed — a true insult — but it’s not as though they have any choice in the matter.

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Unless, of course, they are a’courtin’ … sorry, unless they are courting.

This twisted version of dating, in which the parents control and monitor every interaction and even simple hugging is forbidden, is key to their fundamentalist lifestyle.

It is also a way to avoid the onerous household labor that Jim Bob and Michelle require of their offspring.

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Back when Jinger was still courting Jeremy Vuolo, she revealed to Counting On viewers that there was a "perk" to being in a courtship.

This was way back in 2016, of course.

“I am just so excited I don’t know what to do with myself,” Jinger gushed while packing to go see Jeremy in Laredo, Texas.

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Jeremiah and Jedidiah chimed in at the time, commenting: “She’s here but she’s not all the way here."

“It’s just been a few weeks into the courtship," Jeremiah continued, "but she’s pretty out there.”

Jinger was the first to acknowledge that her head was in the clouds.

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“In our house, I think it’s kind of known fact that when somebody’s in a relationship, it’s hard for them to stay focused,” Jinger explained to the camera.

“My mom has said, if anybody’s in a relationship, just give them one job to do in a day, and call it good," she revealed.

"For me," Jinger explained, "it’s just been keeping up with laundry.”

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Laundry for such a massive household is no easy task, especially given that so many Duggar outfits include excess fabric.

(All of that extra material to cover up your curves can add up to pounds when there’s a whole load of clothing, especially when it’s soaking wet)

But clearly, Jinger was enjoying living — for her — a life of luxury while her thoughts were consumed by a man who would one day be her husband and the father of her child.

Jesse Duggar, Michelle Duggar, and Jim Bob Duggar

As we acknowledged earlier, there are other obvious incentives, including the expectations that they will all marry and do so at young ages.

Additionally, toxic purity culture is deeply sex negative, so teen years spent without being able to explore others or even oneself can absolutely motivate, frankly, horny teens and young adults to get married sooner.

But getting to skip most of your day’s chores sounds like a solid perk — even though in the Duggar world, courtships are not casual in the slightest and usually lead to engagements.