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Despite some fans hoping that Jeremy Vuolo would change his ways, he remains very controversial — for good reason.

Now, fans are begging Jinger to recognize him for who he really is, and to show that she’s better than he is.

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"I want to be a kind person," Jinger Duggar Vuolo expressed on Twitter.

Referring to the central figure of her faith, she added: "I want to be kind like Christ."

"I want to be gentle and patient and slow to anger!" Jinger exclaimed.

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"@challies joined us for the latest episode to talk about kindness," Jinger wrote.

"And," she added, to "share some practical wisdom on how to pursue those character traits."

Jinger then plugged the podcast that she shares with her husband, writing: "@hopewehold #thehopewehold."

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"Amazing how we always find an excuse, right?!" Jinger and Jeremy wrote in a tweet to promote their podcast.

They continued: "‘I was unkind because it’s a Monday … or it’s a Friday and I’ve had a long week … or it’s midweek, and things are piling up.’"

"On the podcast @challies is our guest, here to talk all about kindness! (all the time!) #thehopewehold," Jinger and Jeremy’s tweet concluded.

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But Jinger’s initial tweet about kindness drew the attention of concerned fans.

"You need to open your eyes," wrote one commenter, "and see the truth of your husband’s misdeeds."

"Come on Jinger always knew your were too good for him," the tweet concluded.

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So what is this fan — and those who agree with them — talking about?

The too good for him line may sound random, or like the words of a secret admirer.

But Jeremy has actually been controversial for a while now, and for very good reasons.

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See, Jeremy is a pastor. That’s not surprising for a Duggar marriage.

Also sadly unsurprising is that Jeremy has repeatedly spoken against the LGBTQ+ community.

He doesn’t limit himself to describing their very existence as a "sin." He is also opposed to their fundamental civil rights.

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"We’re living in a day when basic teachings of Christ in regards to marriage and sexuality are being undermined and eroded," Jeremy griped in 2017.

He continued: "Not just out there amongst the radical liberal thinkers, but amongst our so-called Christian leaders."

"Just this week, we saw this demonstrated with the endorsement of gay marriage from Eugene Peterson and his subsequent attempt to recant," Jeremy accused, "which really was no retraction at all."

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Obviously, no pastor, priest, rabbi, imam, cleric, priestess, or anyone else is or will ever be required by society to perform, well, any marriage that they don’t want to.

But Jeremy is taking things a step further, calling out others within his faith who would officiate a simple wedding.

Jeremy has also accused the Duggar family of not being vocal enough with their own anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry.

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Curiously, he wore a rainbow tie on Coming Out Day just two weeks ago.

Some fans wondered if he has changed his tune about the rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Others wondered if he was pulling a classic bait and switch — claiming to "love" people whom he will immediately turn around and condemn for being themselves.

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It has also been speculated that, as many hardcore fundamentalist Christians do, Jeremy may have been trying to "reclaim" the rainbow, using it in contexts other than Pride.

Whatever his reasons, it appears that he was more than content to let fans wonder and debate without offering any clear sign that he has changed his ways.

That said … Jinger is a Duggar. Even with blonde hair and pants, it may be that she has no problems whatsoever with the awful things that Jeremy says and believes.