Janelle Brown Drops Huge Hint About Sister Wives Return

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Might the Sister Wives soon have a solution to their ongoing money woes?

As has been well documented for nearly all of 2020, Kody Brown and his spouses are nearly broke.

Sister Wives Throwback

Might this be an exaggeration? Maybe, but only a little bit.

The family certainly isn't very liquid, as most of their money is tied up in some bad real estate investments, the most notable of which is the large piece of property in Coyote Pass that Kody is yet to develop in any way, shape or form.

With Christine recently having to ask followers for money in order to afford back surgery for her daughter, we hear that the Browns may at least be able to count on a reliable stream of revenue in the near future.

In the form of a salary from TLC.

Sister Wives, United

Late last week, Janelle took to Instagram to share some photo from an evening out and about -- and we mean that literally, she was out.

“A little blurry as my phone is on slow exposure for the dark. We are tailgating watching Mars rise,” Janelle captioned the Instagram photo of two of herr sons parked outside with pizza in hand.

The TLC personality and her boys had to stay up late to witness the planet in all of its glory, yet she confirmed it did not disappoint.

“Apparently tonight it’s the brightest it will be during its ‘current close’ pass by Earth. Close being relative of course,” she explained, adding they saw “a beautiful red tint” over the mountain.

Sister Wives: A Poster

Cool, right?

But how is this relevant to the aforementioned salary and the wildly-anticipated return of Sister Wives?

At one point, a social media user wished the Brown brood well and asked if they would be returning to the small screen any time soon.

“Stay tuned to TLC for updates,” Janelle coyly replied to the speculation.

Janelle and Kody Brown Together

Yes, this is all we're going on at the moment.

But it's something at least, right?

Viewers have been clamoring for any morsel of insight into future episodes ever since Season 14 was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak.

There wasn't even a reunion special at any point to tie storylines up or to leave fans with a sense of closure.

These Sister Wives

All we can guess right now is that Sister Wives will be coming back at some point in 2021.

We know the family needs the money and we know the show is cheap to produce and we know there's still plenty of interest out there.

Long-time viewers won't be happy unless they get at least one more season to answer such questions as:

Will Meri leave Kody? When will Meri leave Kody? And... why the heck hasn't Meri left Kody yet?!?

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