Dorit Kemsley STUNS Fans with Bikini Body Thirst Trap!

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Dorit Kemsley is not the only Real Housewife with recent drama with Kyle Richards, and now she has some drama all on her own.

Fans accuse Dorit of giving herself a "new face." What better distraction could she use than to flaunt her entire body for fans to gawk at.

Dorit Kemsley With the Signature Hair

What face?

That's what Dorit's followers on Instagram would ask if you probed for their opinions about whether she got herself a new face.

See, Dorit's body is more than just bikini-ready.

This Real Housewife looks jaw-droppingly incredible.

Dorit Kemsley Flaunts Her Bikini Body

She's wearing a blue two-piece with white trim.

As an added treat for fans, she has her hair down.

In a second photo, she's flaunting more than just her flat abs.

She gives her many followers a peek at the curves of her booty.

Dorit Kemsley is Too Hot to Handle

This bikini was not randomly selected.

The two piece originates in Dorit's own line of swimwear.

Not everyone who has a line of swimwear can model it so effectively.

But Dorit is turning this simple Instagram ad into a full on thirst trap.

Dorit Kemsley is Very Worried

"Holy moly!" exclaims one fan. "You look so freaking good,"

"GIVE US THE SECRETS," another implores her.

"Wow!" a follower expresses. "You are so stunning!"

And random fans were not the only ones singing Dorit's praises.

Garcelle Beauvais Feels Glazed Over

"Yes Beverly Beach!" Garcelle Beauvais comments.

Meanwhile, Erika Jayne commented with an emoji conveying her excitement.

"Damn, girl!" Cynthia Bailey exclaims.

It's always nice to receive praise from your peers just as it is from your many fans on social media.

Dorit Kemsley Glams Up

Dorit is a gorgeous woman and accustomed to praise.

But ... did she get a new face?

"Lol who is this?" a fan recently asked. "Because it sure isn’t Dorit"

"Who are you and what have you done with Dorit," another demanded upon seeing this photo:

Dorit Kemsley Celebrates Pride 2020

"Looking great but soooo different in her face," another commenter recently accused.

A different fan quipped: "New face, who dis?"

"This looks nothing like her," another simply accused.

The responses came as Dorit was celebrating Pride Month and flaunting her own hot looks.

And Dorit?

Dorit has yet to comment.

But we don't necessarily need to wait for her rebuttal.

Some people truly do not understand how much of a difference makeup, angles, and lighting can make in a person's appearance.

To me? Dorit still looks like Dorit.

Dorit Kemsley Aghast at Season 9 Reunion

Honestly ... this may have less to do with Dorit's face than people think.

Dorit is wearing her hair down for the first time in a while.

A lot of people underestimate how dramatically hair length and hairstyles impact how people are perceived.

The reality is that Dorit can virtually transform by changing her hairstyle. Like Clark Kent and his glasses, right?

Dorit Kemsley is Interested

We hope that, if Dorit does respond to the weird face rumors, that it does not prove to have hurt her feelings.

Peope aren't saying that she looks better or worse -- just different.

Her best response was putting out those bikini pics, honestly.

She has the same face in them ... but is making sure that only the most strong-willed are looking into her eyes.

Dorit Kemsley for Season 9

Dorit is an interesting Housewife, unafraid to speak her mind or even to directly shade a powerful castmate.

She's not hostile but she's not a throw pillow, either.

Sure, say what you want about her accent, but no one can dare to question those abs.

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