Colt Johnson Debuts Slim Revenge Body: I'm Thinner and Hornier Than EVER!

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90 Day Fiance fans all know how much Colt Johnson loves to f--k. He'll tell you that himself.

Now, it looks like he's tighting up the ol' boning machine. That is to say ... he has lost weight and is looking remarkably slimmer.

Colt Johnson adjusts his glasses while he reveals the Vanessa news

"Good morning," Colt awkwardly captioned a relatively simple photo.

In the pic, he is standing in front of a car while it is fueling up at a gas station.

The lighting indicates that it is either dawn or dusk. He is adjusting his glasses in a way that he seems to mistakenly believe is endearing.

Colt Johnson Debuts Weight Loss at a Gas Station

But the big takeaway from Colt's photo is that he is currently sporting a trimmer figure than before.

“Looking good! Stay with it,” one fan commented.

Another follower wrote: “Congratulations. Hard work pays off."

Colt Johnson and Vanessa

One conspicuous bit of praise came from a woman with whom Colt has cheated multiple times -- Vanessa Guerra.

"Lookin like a snack," his friend-with-benefits commented publicly.

If you are unaware, a "snack" or a "snacc" generally refers to someone who looks desirable enough to bone.

Colt Johnson works out

Colt ended this past season by declaring his intention to change his ways.

Part of that meant setting a boundary with his mother to no longer baby him and to not interfere with his love life. It did not go well.

The other aspect, however, was a resolution to work out and reduce his figure.

Colt Johnson in a speed in Brazil

Unfortunately, Colt's body has been the subject of some unfair comments from 90 Day Fiance viewers for two years now.

We at THG have made it repeatedly clear in our reporting that his flesh prison should not be ridiculed.

It's just his body. It's not anyone's business what it looks like -- except for his.

Colt Johnson gives a relationship status update; it's not great

Some fans get defensive and say that they are only mocking Colt's body because they dislike him as a person.

He's a cheater, a liar, he plays mind-games with the women whom he claims to love, and seems to enjoy sitting back and watching them feud with his mom.

But there's simply no way to insult a bad person for their appearance without insulting countless innocents with the same features. Just don't do it.

Debbie Johnson Did Not Need to Know That, Colt

Unfortunately, the body-shaming of Colt has been carried out by more than just fans.

Larissa has repeatedly referred to Colt as a "fat piggy," usually while exchanging hurtful jabs.

Though many aspects of Larissa's story are deeply sympathetic, we wish that she would not do this. Again, pick something else.

Colt Johnson Shrugs

Colt cheated on Larissa by swapping nudes with a bunch of side pieces, lying to them by claiming that his marriage was faked for TV.

He sent dick pics to a bunch of women before things ended with Jess Caroline. He also wasted months of her life by lying to her about Vanessa.

Oh, and he also boned Vanessa. Then he reportedly cheated on yet another woman ... also with Vanessa.

Colt Johnson Makes Small Talk in Brazil

All of that cheating and lying was on top of what is consistently described as a fondness for playing mind games with the women in his life.

Whether he does this for his own sick amusement or to get results on camera, no one seems to know.

But it seems like he likes driving women to the breaking point and then trying to make himself sound like the "reasonable" one when his partners snap.

Colt Johnson is Deeply Frustrated

All of that -- and more of his creepy behavior -- is fair game when it comes to criticizing Colt.

But leaving his body out of it is a common courtesy, not just to him but to millions of others.

You can, however, congratulate him on changing his body to be more in keeping with how he would like to look.

Colt Johnson, Art Selfie

We have been very critical of many of Colt's choices and behaviors, both in past reporting and in this article, but we can congratulate him on this.

It's not that one body shape is better than another -- again, it's just a robot made of meat to keep you alive.

But it's always cause for celebration when someone makes their body look the way that they want it to without being unhealthy in the process.

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