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As you’re probably aware, Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her fourth child.

What you may not be aware of is that Chelsea is a round-the-clock hustler who takes full advantage of her status as the most popular Teen Mom by heading multiple business ventures.

Photo via Instagram

And what does one have to do with the other?

Well, along with her husband, Cole DeBoer, Chelsea has launched a fashion line, and she’s involved in just about every part of the operation.

Not only does she design and market her pieces, she models them as well.

Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Bump
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And as you can see, Chelsea’s burgeoning baby bump has not stopped her from flaunting her latest fashions.

Houska posted an Instagram Story this week in which she rocked a hoodie and jacket from her own line.

Rather than attempt to conceal her bump, of course, Chelsea proudly put it on display as means of showcasing to pregnant women that the garb can double as maternity wear.

Photo via Instagram

"Bump friendly! Look at that!" Chelsea said to her followers as she cradled her stomach.

Yes, the top may be camo, but Mrs. Houska-DeBoer has nothing to hide!

In fact, she’s more visible than ever these days, and she’s offering a refreshing change of pace from the doldrums of life in 2020.

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While the rest of the country is struggling, Chelsea is proudly thriving.

But she’s never boastful or arrogant when she reminds us of how well she’s doing.

You see, Chelsea is so well-liked that when she calls attention to her recent good fortune, fans feel like they’re a part of it.

Chelsea Houska and Baby Bump

It’s like when Jay-Z raps about his houses and cars — you may never have those things yourself, but you’re enjoying living vicariously through his baller lifestyle.

Put another way, Chelsea’s success is like when Matthew McConaughey broke free from his rom-com typecasting and established himself as a serious actor.

No one begrudged him his happiness, because everyone had been rooting for him for years.

Chelsea Houska and Her Diaper Bag

But if Chelsea’s net worth and social media numbers are any indication, we don’t have to explain to you why she’s so likable.

Odds are, you’re already well aware, and you may have even purchased a stylish item from her fashion line.

There are certainly worse ways to spend your money than supporting the rare reality star who actually seems like a decent, down-to-earth person.