Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer Stick It to Haters, Pack on PDA

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Due to a number of recent controversies, trolls across the Internet have been telling Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer to kiss their rear ends of late.

But the Teen Mom veteran and her husband just shared a new photo on Instagram that sends a rather clear message.

It goes something like this:

Chelsea Houska Kisses Cole

No thanks! We're just gonna kiss each other instead!

As the couple awaits the arrival of its third child -- and fourth overall for Chelsea -- Houska has posted the above photo of herself and her husband.

It pretty much speaks for itself as a symbol of the pair's love, but Houska did go ahead and add this simple caption to the snapshot:

And I love you.

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Chelsea and Cole’s have been together for six years now.

The long-time MTV personality once explained how she met future husband at a gas station in South Dakota in 2014.

“He was across at the other pump,” the reality star told Us Weekly following her split from Adam Lind.

“And I looked, and he was staring at me. We didn’t even talk.

"We just kept looking at each other because we’re both shy. And then we were passing each other when we left because we lived out towards the same way.”

Cole and Chelsea Photo

A few days later, Cole apparently contacted Chelsea on social media and.... boom! A love connection was made.

Fast forward all this time later and the twosome has welcomed a trio of kids to go along with Houska's first daughter (with Lind), Aubree.

Son Watson was born on January 25, 2017.

The next year, the pair got to meet their second child, daughter Layne, on August 29.

And now we're just months away from Houska and DeBoer bringing another girl into the universe.

Chelsea Houska and Amazing Husband

More so than most Teen Mom cast members, Chelsea has avoided scandal over the years -- but she's suddenly become the victim of it over the past few weeks.

Earlier this week, for instance, a bunch of social media users took Chelsea to task for prominently featuring Aubree in a series of ads for her new eyewear line.

Photos such as the one below, used to promote this endeavor, have earned Houska some rather harsh ire.

"If Chelsea was being marketed and exploited by her mom during her most formative and sensitive years, she would hate her mother," wrote one critic, adding of these kinds of images:

"I’m willing to bet Aubree will grow to resent Chelsea so much and will treat Chelsea exactly how Chelsea treats her mom."

Chelsea Houska and Aubree Ad

Cole, meanwhile, earned some grief himself over the last couple Teen Mom 2 episodes because he complained that Aubree had listed Lind as "dad" in her new cell phone.

“It makes me want to vomit," Cole said on air of Lind trying to be close with Aubree, adding of Lind even being given his daughter's cell phone number:

"I don’t like it when she gets that kind of stuff forced on her. If she wanted it, she would have asked for it.

“If she wanted to talk to him, she could talk to him! This is frustrating.”

Aubree and Chelsea De Boer

Cole's heart is clearly in the right place here.

All stepchildren should want their step-parents to care so much, you know?

We continue to be huge fans of Chelsea and Cole and we cannot wait to meet their next bundle of joy!

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