Britney Spears: Are Fans Right to Be Concerned About Her Bizarre Dance Videos?

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If you follow her on any social media platform, then by now, you're certainly aware that there's been a tremendous outpouring of concern for Britney Spears.

Much of the worry is a result of Britney's legal battle against her father, Jamie Spears.

Britney Looks Tired

For most of her adult life, Britney has been under the control of a court-ordered conservatorship.

The arrangement -- which is the result of very public mental health issues the singer suffered in 2008 -- essentially gives her father full control of her life and, crucially, her finances.

Now, many fans fear that the situation is resulting in a resurfacing of the mental health issues that led to the conservatorship in the first place.

Britney Models

Recent videos that Britney has posted on TikTok and Instagram have led to concerns that she's deeply stressed and not receiving the kind of care she needs.

Some of these videos contain what fans believe to be coded cries for help -- captions that contain strange language, such as frequent, confusing references to colors and flowers. 

While it's certainly possible that Britney is covertly sending messages to her fans, the other prevailing theory seems more likely:

Britney ... Or Her Lookalike?

Many believe that Spears is having difficulty handling the dual pressures of Covid and her seemingly never-ending court battle against her father.

They point to her disheveled appearance in recent videos, as well as the odd captions that Spears has written to accompany some of her posts.

These concerns have been reflected in the comments left by her Instagram followers.

"There is legit something wrong with her," one fan recently wrote.

"Britney what is happeninggggg," another added.

Another said that Spears' routines are "so uncomfortable to watch," adding that "all her dances look the same."

One commenter took the criticism a step further, writing:

"Not gonna lie it looks like she been doing some meth."

Admittedly, this is not the Britney we're used to seeing.

But it's possible that there's a simple explanation for the unusual looks that she's been sporting in recent pics and videos.

"I know I’m barefoot and my hair is once again a hot mess!!!!" Britney captioned a recent post.

"If you only knew what it’s like dancing in heels every night in Vegas and spending hours getting my hair and makeup perfect ... only then would you understand why my feet go to the holy ground whenever they can and how free my hair feels with no hairspray !!!!"

Britney Spears is Very Short

Is there a chance that these concerns have been overblown?

Is Britney just enjoying honing her craft in the comfort of her own home?

It's certainly possible, but you can be sure fans won't ease up until Britney is granted permission to give an interview explaining the tumultuous year she's had.

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