Big Brother Recap: Did Production Issues Ruin the Triple Eviction?

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It was a Big Brother first on Thursday night. 

For the first time ever, three houseguests were sent packing. 

In a sign that producers realized viewers were over the remaining houseguests, they unleashed a mass exodus.

Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel on Big Brother

Did it shake up the game? 

Let's get down to it because we had three eviction ceremonies, two HOH comps, and even two POV comps. 

It was an unprecedented night, but also filled with technical hiccups. 

When we picked up, Kevin was still on the block against David, and started campaigning to stay in the game. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother All Stars

Cody was mad because of the way Kevin spoke to him earlier in the week, which is bizarre when you consider Cody's comments have been absurd. 

Everyone started conspiring when Dr. Will told them to think three steps ahead of the game. 

Christmas and Tyler wanted to find a way to take Dani out, so they reeled David in to do the deed. 

The eviction votes played out as follows:

- Enzo votes to evict: Kevin

- Dani votes to evict: Kevin

- Tyler votes to evict: Kevin

- Christmas votes to evict: Kevin

- Nicole votes to evict: Kevin

- Memphis votes to evict: Kevin

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

By a vote of 6-0, Kevin was evicted from the house. 

The HOH competition found the contestants answering questions with true or false. 

- Round 1: False – Dani, Tyler, & David are out

- Round 2: False – everyone is safe

- Round 3: True – everyone is safe

- Round 4: False – Nicole is out

- Round 5: True – Memphis wins! Enzo & Christmas are out.

Memphis on Big Brother

Memphis said it should come as no surprise, so he nominated David and Nicole. 

He wanted David out in the second week of the game, and with his third HOH, he took another shot at making it happen. 

Nicole, Memphis, Dani, Christmas, David, and Tyler competed in the POV competition. 

While Nicole pressed the buzzer first, Christmas won. 

The reason for that is that Christmas actually got her puzzle right. 

Just when it seemed like this terrible season was going to get good, Christmas did not use the POV. 

Abbott, Christmas

Nicole, the former winner, was on the block, so surely it meant she was about to go home, right?

- Cody votes to evict: David

- Christmas votes to evict: Nicole

- Tyler votes to evict: Nicole

- Enzo votes to evict: David

- Dani votes to evict: David

Christmas Abbott Photograph

David was evicted by a vote of 3-2. 

Enzo was the swing vote, effectively drawing a line in the sand between the two sides of the house. 

Before this happened, Julie and the terrible producers accidentally exposed the tripe eviction through the living room TV. 

After a season of wall yellers, cheating in competitions, you would think the producers would pull out a drama-free eviction. 

The HOH competition was the same one from earlier in the night. Refreshing, right?

- Round 1: True – everyone is safe

- Round 2: True – Enzo, Dani, Nicole are out

- Round 3: False – everyone is safe

- Round 4: False – Tyler wins HOH

Tyler Crispen

Tyler went for the jugular and put both Dani and Nicole on the block. 

The veto competition was also similar to the previous one and it played out as follows:

Christmas and Nicole were both disqualified. 

Tyler won the veto and did not change the noms. 

- Cody votes to evict: Dani

- Memphis votes to evict: Dani

- Christmas votes to evict: Dani 

- Enzo votes to evict: Dani

Dani Briones

Yep, Dani was sent packing. 

What did you think of the terrible installment?

Hit the comments below. 

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