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Late last year, rumors were swirling that Bethenny Frankel and Paul Bernon were getting engaged.

A lot of fans loved their romance. But all good things must come to an end.

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel, One Year Anniversary
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Us Weekly reports that Bethenny Frankel and Paul Bernon have broken up.

In fact, their source shares that the pair split "a couple weeks ago."

Likely, this means that they broke up in late September.

Bethenny Frankel on Her Gram
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As we reported at the time, Bethenny and Paul began dating in October of 2018.

RHONY fans can recall how the pair were seen engaged in a very public display of affections in Boston.

Just two months after Bethenny’s on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend Dennis Shields had passed away, all eyes were on her as she grappled with this emotional pain.

Paul Bernon for Emily's List
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Bethenny did eventually open up about Paul and their romance.

In July of 2019, she spoke, sharing that being with Paul made her feel "happy in a way that’s different" than her previous experiences in relationships.

This was not meant as a knock or a drag at any of her exes. Though one could be forgiven for interpreting it that way.

Bethenny Frankel Keeps It Real
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“Not a high or a low, just a balance," Bethenny explained.

She interrupted herself to clarify "which, if you know my personality at all, it’s not often that balanced."

“But," Bethenny stressed, or maybe the opposite of stressed, at the time: "I feel just balanced and healthy.”

Paul Bernon
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Then, late that summer, Bethenny and Paul got much more serious.

Almost one year into their (public) romance, they were going house hunting together.

The two were looking into homes specifically in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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“They live together in the Back Bay area [in Boston] now,” an insider said of the two at the time.

The source added: “She has been spending a lot more time up there."

"They are house-hunting in the New England area," the insider then confirmed.

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Bethenny and Paul had a great deal in common, including shared interests in philanthropy and politics.

Paul, a producer, has been particularly involved in Emily’s List, a long-running political organization held in high esteem.

Emily’s List seeks to help get more pro-choice Democratic women elected into office. Bethenny and Paul shared an interest in making the world a better place.

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Bethenny’s most infamous relationship of course is with Jason Hoppy, her ex-husband.

The two married in 2010 and, after nearly three years together, announced their breakup in 2012.

The two share a 10-year-old daughter, Bryn. Unfortunately, it seems that their daughter was the only good thing to come out of their marriage.

Bethenny Frankel Sobs
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For years, Bethenny has shared that Jason continues to "torture" her, even though it has been so long since they were together.

Bethenny and Jason resolved their custody agreement in 2014. They settled financial issues in 2016.

Their divorce, however, has never truly been finalized — to this day, it appears that Bethenny remains legally tied to Jason, with no love lost between them.

Bethenny Shocked at Reunion
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She confirmed this grim legal status just last month. In 2019, she had tweeted cryptically that she "had" to leave the show because she was the only actual "wife" left.

Bethenny would not have been able to marry Paul before taking care of that. Still, we doubt that ink on a legal document is what caused her and Paul to end their romance.

Sometimes, people just don’t stay together. Relationships are like that, and we wish them both the best.