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Bella Thorne is no stranger to tantalizing her fans with steamy pics.

And there is no better season for that than Halloween!

Bella Thorne in a Red Hood

Bella Thorne has taken to Instagram to give her fans and followers a sneak peek at her Halloween costume.

She is wearing bright red — a color that suits her very well.

The cut of the garb is pretty flattering, too.

She is wearing a skintight latex corset in a steamy lingerie style.

She is also sporting a bright red cloak — some have described this as a cape, but it has a hood, folks. That’s integral to the costume.

Bella is also sporting some sheer red tights that are doing wonders for her incredible legs.

"Lil red," Bella’s caption to the eye-catching photos begins.

She then quips: "grandma doesn’t approve of my outfit."

Bella is not speaking of her literal grandmother, but of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

If you are unfamiliar with the classic children’s story, it follows a young girl on a trip to her grandmother’s house.

The protagonist has been clearly aged up for Bella’s interpretation. Everyone grows up at some point.

Wearing a bright red cloak, the girl attracts the attention of a wicked wolf.

In the story, the wolf for some reason does not accost the girl on the road, but sneaks ahead to her grandmother’s house.

There, he somehow gains entry and devours the grandmother whole before dressing in her clothing and then pretending to be her to "surprise" the granddaughter.

Different versions of the grisly tale end differently, from Little Red Riding Hood being devoured to she and her grandmother being saved by a deus ex machina woodsman and his axe.

Bella Thorne In Black and White

"Damn what happened to red riding hood after the story?" asked one fan, commenting on her alluring photos.

"Hmm, what should i say?" asks another. "You look great. What an attractive woman :-)"

"This costume was made for you  Damnnn mami," another thirstily praises.

Bella is looking great, from the dazzling red of the costume to the matching lipstick to the plunging neckline.

Bella really knows how to dress in a way that flatters her figure.

That said, with a figure like hers, it’s hard to find something that isn’t flattering.

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun

Now, fans of Bella’s who want to see even more of her can of course sign up for her OnlyFans.

That said, if they are hoping that their subscription to her page on an adult media site will show them more of her than they have seen in the past, they will be disappointed.

Reports say that Bella is using OnlyFans like a second Instagram — albeit one that costs money. She has been accused of scamming fans and effectively ruining the site.

Bella Thorne Wearing Makeup and ONLY Makeup

Some wonder at the point of flaunting a Halloween costume at all in 2020, since obviously … Halloween, as we know it, cannot happen during a pandemic.

But celebrities exist in a different world than the rest of us. Okay, they’re rich and can afford multiple COVID-19 tests and first-rate healthcare.

This pandemic has brought a number of inequalities into sharp focus, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Bella Thorne, Topless on Snapchat

By the way, my biggest takeaway from Bella Thorne’s thirst traps?

She’d be a shoe-in to play Sarah Sanderson if they wanted to do a Hocus Pocus reboot.

That said, since Bette Midler has confirmed that the original cast is reuniting for the sequel, a reboot could be very far off.