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Just because Bella Thorne apologized for nearly ruining OnlyFans for subscribers and sex workers alike doesn’t mean that she’s done.

In fact, the actress, model, and entrepreneur is now thirst-trapping her followers with an invitation that none can refuse.

Bella Thorne took to her Instagram Stories to post this inviting image.

"Swipe up," she writes on the image of her topless self, wearing only an open and very thin black robe.

It is more than apparent that she is not wearing a stitch. And … is that a nip slip?

Bella Thorne, Topless on Snapchat

There are obvious jokes to be made about her being adorned in a pearl necklace, of course.

The "swipe up" link, of course, leads to Bella’s OnlyFans page.

At present, she has a massive stockpile of followers paying her $20 monthly subscription fee.

Bella made headlines for virtually breaking the site when she announced her OnlyFans account.

Subscriber after subscriber signed up and logged on to see what she has to offer.

Bella has certainly come a long way since her Disney days.

Bella Thorne Wearing Makeup and ONLY Makeup

Bella has never shied away from showing some skin, at times even "accidentally" sharing more than she had intended.

Which is why it is so very interesting that reports of her OnlyFans’ content being … less than sexual.

On a site where people regularly show their genitals, their orifices, and may even show themselves using toys or engaged in sex, Bella’s feed looks a lot like her Instagram.

We don’t just mean that Bella’s photos seem to be Instagram-appropriate.

We mean that fans have signed up, paid up, and then gone "wait … I saw this photo when she uploaded it to Instagram a year ago."

There is one thing different about the photos on OnlyFans, however: people pay money to see them.

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun

This is where Bella landed in trouble.

At one point, she reportedly offered fully nude photos to anyone willing to pay literal hundreds of dollars for the privilege of seeing them.

The trouble was that the pics did not live up to the promise, so angry customers asked for a refund for these pay-per-view pics.

Bella Thorne Naked

OnlyFans restructured their rules in response to this fiasco … in a way that catastrophically made life worse for countless sex workers.

These sex workers are not millionaires like Bella. Many rely upon OnlyFans as a vital source of income, particularly during this pandemic.

To suddenly go from being paid weekly to being paid monthly, to suddenly have caps on how much they can be tipped … when we call this potentially life-ruining, we are not exaggerating.

Bella Thorne, Good Morning

Bella’s sister dissed sex work as "not a real job" in an insulting and inexcusable attack on the community that her sister’s thoughtless actions had harmed.

On the other hand, Bella herself did apologize.

It’s all fun and games to swipe money from eager, horny men until you realize that a 22-year-old trans person might not make rent and have to move back into a dangerous household because of your antics.

Bella Thorne, Topless and Smiling

Let us be clear — Bella is under no obligation to show any part of her flesh prison to any person at any time for any reason.

But it doesn’t sound unreasonable that if she says "here, look at my butt!" and instead shows people a pic of her shoulder, they are entitled to a refund if she’s not willing to correct the error.

OnlyFans isn’t required to be X-rated, but it’s kind fo weird to turn it into a premium Instagram account, you know?