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Just over two years ago, Jeremy Roloff took fans by complete surprise when he and his wife quit Little People, Big World.

They walked away from a six-figure salary at the time… on a series that shows no real signs of slowing down.

Heck, season 21 is about to premiere in a few days.

Jeremy Roloff as a Dad
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So, why did Jeremy and Audrey make this decision?

How do they actually making a living?

How do they support their two young children without the steady income of a paycheck from TLC?

We’ll attempt to explore these questions and to provide a few answers down below…

Photo via Instagram

Jeremy RRoloff attended the Brooks Institute in California for college, where he pursued his passion for photography.

He actually sells something called "presets" via an aptly-named website,

A preset is a pre-configured look that you can apply to any number of photos with one click; they are unique ways in which one can edit one’s snapshopts.

For awhile this year, Jeremy and Audrey promoted Jeremy’s side hustle on Instragram, but they haven’t mentioned it in awhile.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic
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The Roloff still run Beating 50 Percent, too.

This company specializes in marriage journals, books, essential oils and other items the former reality stars think might help couples maintain their love for one another.

According to the official website, Jeremy and Audrey "work to ignite and equip folks to live more intentional lives," a sort of presumptuous mission that has led to a lot of criticism directed at the husband and wife.

Audrey and Jeremy Together
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Jeremy is also an author.

He and Audrey released "A Love Letter Life" on April 2, 2019. It did pretty well on the New York Times Bestseller’s List, too.

As Jeremy and Audrey wrote…

If you can fall into love, you can most definitely fall out of it. Love is alive, so what is it that makes love grow? And what makes it die? What is the failure behind the failure of love?

With one look at our world, it is obvious that love by itself does not endure.

However, there is a way, a road less traveled, a path that many choose not to take. [We[ invite you to read along as [we] tell [our] story and explore how to build a love that lasts.

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Not a reader? More of a listener?

No problem!

The couple launched a podcast in November 2018 called "Behind the Scenes," where the pair discuss everything from their faith to why they left Little People, Big world.

Depending on viewership and advertisers, podcasters can make anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000… or more.

Peach Pickers

Finally, some people consider Jeremy to be a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

You don’t really get paid for this, though, we suppose.