Teddi Mellencamp EXPOSED Promoting Alleged Starvation Diet, Bullying Scheme

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If you have your finger on the pulse of the Housewives fandom, you know that the RHOBH Reunion drama just took a back seat to something much more serious.

Right now, all of the talk is about Teddi Mellencamp's weight loss program -- which is accused of being a dangerous starvation diet fueled by bullying.

Teddi Mellencamp at the Season 10 Reunion

Emily Gellis Lande is an Instagram influencer who made headlines over the summer for taking an Instagram "dietician" to task this summer.

Now, she is coming after Teddi Mellencamp for a weight loss scheme that some on social media are likening to NXIVM's abusive DOS cult.

A lot of content warnings for disordered eating and vicious bullying apply to the images that you are about to see.

All In By Teddi dm - pack your scale, no excuses

The "diet plan" is called All In By Teddi. There are different packages offered, with the most expensive costing $600 a month.

Anyone signing up is assigned an accountability coach, and must submit daily weight check-in photos. If you don't follow the plan, you are scolded and ridiculed.

A flurry of people have been sending in screenshots in which they are allegedly instructed to eat only 500 calories a day while doing cardio, 

All In By Teddi dm - chastised, body pics are due

"I did this program and It was a nightmare," confesses one dissatisfied client. "You have to send photos pf your weight and each meal and proof of your 60 minute cardio workout everyday."

"You cannot drink alcohol or you are immediately dropped from the program with no refund," the DM claims. "I calculated the calories to be 400-500 per day. It was insane."

"I did it for a few days and could feel myself slipping into obsessive/disordered eating so I had to stop and was out $700," it reads. "I would text my accountability coaches that I was starving and they would just tell me to drink more water."

All In By Teddi dm - made self throw up

"I quit after two days because it was so crazy and sick and unhealthy," another describes. "My coach was afraid that I would ask for my money back."

"And then Teddi started rage texting me that if I quit I’m definitely mot getting my money back!!!" the unhappy customer claims.

"I was like 'keep your money – this is an insane plan and you are preying on desperate people.' Never heard from them again," they report. "I was blocked from the page (probably for fear of exposing them in comments."

All In By Teddi dm - will be let go if skipping cardio again

"@BravoTV @Andy your girl Teddi is getting exposed on Instagram for her scam starvation company," an alarmed Bravo fan tweeted.

The tweet continued: "Having women starve themselves by eating 500 calories a day is unethical. If she needs a storyline next season, holding her accountable for this is a good option. #RHOBH."

Camille Grammer quote-tweeted it, writing: "It's suspect."

Camille Grammer boosts concerns about Teddi and Kyle Richards responds

Kyle Richards, loyal to Teddi to a fault no matter how bad it makes her look, replied.

"Camille, you really need to move on and get a life," she complained. "Teddi has helped so many people and changed their lives."

"What are you doing everyday? Tweeting about RHOBH? You befriend whoever you think will get you a diamond Talk about a mean girl," Kyle accused.

Simon Curtis tweets about Teddi Mellencamp diet scheme

Well, "changed their lives" is one way of putting it.

Housewives Twitter and Gay Twitter in particular have been expressing alarm about Teddi's diet scheme, as you can see by the above tweet by author, singer, and actor Simon Curtis.

And we should all keep in mind that if people who were on it for mere days have regrets, those who have regrets after months on it will likely have worse to say.

All In By Teddi dm - doctor worries about laxative use

Additionally, Emily Gellis Lande's posts include DMs from a surgeon describing that over use of laxatives in women desperate to lose weight can lead them to need portions of their intestines removed.

While losing some of your internal organs during surgery does technically constitute weight loss, no responsible doctor would advise people to go that route.

This is scary stuff. We are not doctors or dieticians but ... if the allegations are true, this whole plan sounds dangerous, and the "accountability" side of it sounds deeply toxic.

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