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Well, it may not have played out the way anyone imagined, but it looks like the Clare Crawley-Tayshia Adams season of The Bachelorette has finally finished filming.

Which means it’s time for wild speculation about which lucky guy wound up with Tayshia!

Tayshia Adams Tells All
Photo via ABC

We already know that Clare stepped down as Bachelorette in order to pursue a relationship with Dale Moss who was one of her 30 suitors.

The stated goal of the show is to help people find love, but for obvious reasons, producers would prefer that it happen at the end of the season … ya know, so that there’s some actual content to make money off of, and they’re not just operating the world’s swankiest dating service at a massive loss.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end, as the show’s execs had a backup plan from day one.

Tayshia Photo
Photo via Instagram

Tayshia swooped in to replace Clare, having been quarantined at the same resort in case just such a need arose.

Adams is back on social media these days, which means she’s probably wrapped filming for her season, which is set to debut on October 13.

She posted an Instagram Story this week that seems to offer zero information about her final decision … and yet fans are picking it apart for clues, anyway.

Tayshia on IG

Tayshia captioned the post, "Hiiiii, it’s been a minute," an obvious reference to the fact that she spent the past few months searching for a husband and keeping away from social media per Bachelorette rules.

Seems straightforward enough, but viewers are so spoiler-starved that they went digging anyway.

"Time for endless speculation about the bee," one fan wrote on Reddit.

Tayshia Laughing

And with that, the speculation was on!

The most common theory seems to be that Tayshia wound up with someone whose name begins with the letter "B."

That doesn’t narrow it down much, as there are multiple Blakes, a Ben, a Brendan, and a Bennett in her group of suitors.

Tayshia Adams Selfie
Photo via Instagram

However, those guys are all from Clare’s cast, and it remains to be seen how many of them will transition over to Tayshia’s.

We’re in uncharted territory here, folks!

Of course, it’s equally possible that Tayshia felt like using a bee emoji just because the word "been" has the letters "bee" in it.

Sometimes you’re typing, an emoji suggestion comes up, and you just go with it.

Photo via ABC

The fact is we’re going into this season with less knowledge about the finalists and the outcome than ever before.

Even spoiler master Reality Steve hasn’t had much to say about the Clare-Tayshia or switcheroo, or the identity of the guys who make it to the end with Tayshia.

"Filming is over. All the guys are back on their phones. Some even already hitting up women inside & outside the franchise," Steve tweeted this week.

Tayshia Adams Image
Photo via ABC

"But just bc some1 just started back up on their social media, doesn’t necessarily mean they lasted til the end. Already some misinformation out there."

So there are still some sleazy losers in the bunch.

We guess that when it comes to the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, the more things change, the more they stay the same!