Paul Staehle Accused of Stalking, Harassing Pregnant Karine as "90 Day" Stars' Drama Escalates

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90 Day Fiance fans were alarmed when Paul Staehle appeared to be in Brazil.

Is Paul violating Karine's restraining order to stalk his pregnant ex?

Karine and Paul Stahle and Baby Pierre Between Them

First up, here is what has fans worried.

They saw a photo that Paul shared on his Instagram Story, a snap of what was clearly Brazil.

Though 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates quickly noted that it didn't mean that he was in Brazil, fans feared that it was the case.

Paul Staehle Runs

And why would that be so bad?

Because Karine is from Brazil and a lot of fans have wondered if she and Pierre will return there now that she and Paul have split.

If Paul is there ... is he physically stalking her as well as making good on his recently aired threats to go after her in court?

Paul Staehle is surprised and furious

Seeing fan worries, Paul finally addressed the topic in his Instagram Stories.

“For everyone thinking I am chasing Karine in Brazil," he writes.

Paul then reveals: "Karine is in Indiana USA."

Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle Talk Basics

“I came here alone to clean and organize our Brazil home,” Paul explaines.

He adds: “It needs to be sanitary and baby safe."

"I finished cleaning and organizing USA house," Paul reasons, "so now I am doing the same thing in Brazil."

Paul Staehle Wants to Prove Himself

Paul shares that he is able to travel at this time because, as for so many people, his job is online.

In addition to working remotely, he remarks: "even court is on the internet these days."

Paul reveals that it has been a few weeks since he saw Pierre, which was in July.

Paul Staehle, Wife

"Next court date is December," Paul notes.

He admittedly expects that "I will not see my sons for a very long time."

"So," Paul reasons, "I am keeping busy and constructive."

Karine Staehle leaves the house

"Now my mother is having a mental breakdown because she is also forbidden to see Pierre," Paul laments.

He also expresses: “I have lost my sons."

This appears to be confirmation that he and Karine are expecting a second son.

Mary Staehle arrives and sympathizes

“I just want to stay busy and be productive," Paul writes.

He adds: "I have to accept the fact I will probably never see my wife or son ever again."

"Or," he notes, "see the birth or ever see my unborn child."

Paul Staehle IG claims he's not stalking Karine

"That being said," Paul concludes, "I think I am mentally doing what is best staying constructive and busy.”

Paul's bizarre behavior over the years has made many fans question his mental state.

But this situation is a little more serious than something as simple as self-care.

Paul Staehle - every now and again she does this

On the latest episode of Happily Ever After?, we saw Paul force multiple unwanted hugs upon a crying Karine as she begged him to stop.

This was only after he responded to her leaving the house with an interrogation, followed by threats to take her to court if she should ever leave him.

Coupled with how we have learned that she sometimes locked herself in the bathroom just to get some space from him, and the picture that surfaces is an ugly one.

Karine Staehle to Mary Staehle - I'm feeling bad; it's not you, okay

We doubt that Karine bears any ill will towards Mary, Paul's mother, but may have safety concerns about meeting anyone whom Paul knows right now.

This is one of the major downsides of a divorce involving children, especially when one of the parents has a criminal record indicating that he does not handle breakups well.

Karine has accused Paul of abuse and of keeping her in the house. We hope that whatever outcome is in Pierre and his unborn sibling's best interests.

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