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Earlier this summer, Lesley Cook announced that she is pregnant with David Beador’s baby.

Now, she is displaying this Beador baby bump for the first time.

David Beador Engaged

After over a year of engagement rumors, David and Lesley officially became fiance and fiancee at the start of this year.

While many things in 2020 have not gone as people planned, these two appear to be right on track.

Lesley is pregnant, something that she shared early this summer. Now, more than two months later, she has put out this pic: 

Wearing a figure-hugging white outfit, Lesley snapped a mirror selfie while cradling her growing baby bump.

You can see how her figure is changing a few months into pregnancy.

Different people develop differently during pregnancy, but she surely has a lot of growing to do before she births this Beador baby.

Lesley Cook with David Beador

"Can’t wait to meet this little gymnast," she captions the photo.

Some babies are more active in utero. This can stem from many factors, from genetic predispositions to nutrition to stress.

A lot of pregnancies just feel, well, rambunctious. It sounds like Lesley is feeling a lot of activity and tumbling going on.

Lesley Cook and David Beador Hold Hands in Greece

Lesley is already the mother of two children, Andris and Inga, from a previous realtionship.

David, of course, is the father of Stella, Sophie, and Adeline — three teenage daughters whom he shares with Shannon.

Most of those names are great, so honestly we are deeply excited to learn this baby’s name.

Lesley Cook on a Plane

They made their pregnancy announcement in early July.

It was not subtle symbolism — they used a photo of a literal bun in a literal oven.

Despite no ultrasound pics or baby bump on display at that time, everyone got the memo.

David Beador and Lesley Cook in Greece

Lesley and David became engaged in January, news that they happily announced to the world.

That engagement came a full nine months after David and Shannon finalized their divorce.

Of course, David and Lesley had already been a couple for some time. Even during the divorce process, fans wondered if he might propose.

David Beador and Lesley Cook

David’s divorce from Shannon started out almost amicable … but quickly spiraled into an acrimonious fight over parenting and especially over money.

The two fought over finances, over matters like spousal support, as each claimed that the other was worth more than they had said.

Additionally, David accused Shannon of having a drinking problem — a common accusation in Real Housewives divorces — but the judge affirmed that, no, the court was not going to order Shannon to not drink.

Lesley Cook and David Beador on a Plane

David’s oldest daughter will likely be about 20 years older than this younger sibling. In most cases, siblings with this kind of age gap act more like close aunt or uncle figures.

Shannon initially stated that her weight gain several years ago contributed to David’s hostile behavior and eventually to their divorce, though his previous affair was also a factor.

Weight gain is an extremely natural, normal, and healthy component of pregnancy, so we sincerely hope that history does not in any way repeat itself.