Shannon Beador Reaches Divorce Settlement with David: Who Won?

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Earlier this week, it looked like David and Shannon Beador's messy divorced might be finalized at last after they attended a hearing together.

But David and Shannon have been at each other's throats for so long; no one really expected them to suddenly make nice.

Have they really worked out a deal? Who won?

Shannon, David Beador

RadarOnline reports that Shannon Beador and David Beador have managed to reach an agreement.

The two negotiated a "private settlement"

On Wednesday, April 24, the estranged exes appeared in the courthouse.

The purpose of this particular hearing was to announce to the judge that, after three days of intense haggling, they had come to an understanding.

Considering how vicious their divorce battle had been until this point, it sounds like this was a small miracle.

Shannon and David

See, when a couple gets divorced, they can work out things like asset division and support payments if they both agree.

If not, they can agree to allow a mediator to help them make that choice.

Failing that, the judge may make the final ruling -- something that most couples hope to avoid, because it is a huge gamble.

Shannon and David had previously spent three days in court, lamenting that they were at an impasse.

But ultimately, they knew that a judge's decision might make them both even more miserable than they make each other.

David and Shannon Beador in 2015

After obtaining verbal confirmation from both parties that they agreed to this settlement, the judge addressed them both.

"I wish you all peace of mind you have all wanted," the judge expressed.

The court's statement continued: "because you have settled your case."

The judge did not reveal the details of the private settlement in court.

""I urge you both, for the sake of your children and your careers, not live in the past," the judge advised. "But to move forward in life."

David Beador and Lesley Cook in Greece

Of course, in a sense, both parties have already moved on.

David very (very!) quickly began dating a beautiful younger woman named Lesley Cook.

Engagement rumors have followed this couple, and reports say that he aims to marry Lesley just as soon as he's no longer legally married.

And Shannon Beador has had boyfriends, too, though she's caught and released a couple of dudes who didn't pass muster.

But that's not quite what the judge had in mind.

Shannon Beador and Scot Matteson

The concern, here, is three elements that are useful for reality television but less so for families: pettiness, spite, and revenge.

Some believed that Shannon was happy to receive $22,500 in monthly support for the past year or so because she knew it got under David's skin.

And many believe that David's motive for reportedly shutting off the water to Shannon's home, where his daughters live, was pure spite.

It's easy to wonder how much of their back and forth was about making sure that they and their kids have enough ... and how much was trying to hurt the other.

When you've been married for 25 years and things turn sour, a quarter of a century worth of frustrations and resentments come pouring out.

David and Shannon Beador, Sports Photo

Here's our question: who won?

David has been asking the court, time and time again, to reduce his monthly support payments.

(To be clear, only about half of the $22,500 was child support for the three teen daughters; the rest was spousal support for Shannon)

Our guess is that they agreed to trim that number to some degree.

Considering that Shannon has recently made as much as half a million dollars for a single season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, she'll land on her feet.

That said, if she did agree to whittle down his payments, she may have gotten something that she wanted in return.

So far, we can only speculate.

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