Justin and Evelyn Halas: 90 Day Fiance Stars Welcome Baby Boy!!

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Almost half a year ago, we shared that 90 Day Fiance alums Justin and Evelyn Halas were expecting their first child.

Now, there is wonderful news: this week, their precious baby was born! And there's one teaser photo already!

Evelyn Halas and Justin Halas

On Tuesday, September 1, Evelyn Halas took to her Instagram Stories to make a very important announcement.

"Hi everyone! #BabyHalas is here," she revealed.

She wrote this caption alongside a photo of her newborn baby's feet.

Evelyn Halas shares newborn baby feet

The next day, she returned to her Instagram Stories to express her gratitude for the warm reception that her happy news garnered.

"Thank you everyone for all your good wishes," Evelyn gushed.

She expressed: "I really appreciate it!"

Evelyn Halas Shows Off Massive Baby Bump

Back in April, Evelyn announced that she and her husband, Justin, were expecting their first child.

"Surprise!" she wrote at the time. "#BabyHalas is coming!"

To convey the idea, she shared this safety pin art as a visual representation. So cute!

evelyn halas clothespin pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy is a complicated topic, especially for first-time parents.

It is even more intimidating to look forward to becoming parents during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

It's not just that 2020 is a scary time to bring someone into the world -- it's also just a risky time to go to the doctor, let alone a hospital.

Evelyn Halas with Justin Halas

Added to that is Evelyn's age. She may not look a day over 28, but she is 35.

She expressed astonishment that she was able to conceive as quickly as she did once they began trying for a baby.

Evelyn revealed that she went to the doctor and got three different positive pregnancy tests before she was sure that the good news was the real deal.

Evelyn Halas and Justin Halas Throwback

Some 90 Day Fiance fans may not remember Evelyn and Justin's love story.

After all, their time on the show was during Season 2 -- before the series became a powerhouse and a household name.

But they will always be part of the 90 Day Fiance family, so to speak.

Justin Halas with Evelyn Halas

Though we have known for some time that Evelyn and Justin were expecting a baby boy, we do not yet know baby Halas' name.

They would not be the first 90 Day Fiance stars, or reality stars in general, to delay announcing their baby's name.

Similarly, they have yet to show the wee baby Halas' face -- often wise, as a newborn's face is still "settling" in those first few days after birth.

Justin Halas and Evelyn Halas

Evelyn and Justin met while Justin, a sports fan, was in Columbia for a major sports event.

Justin was fatigued by his recent experiences with dating. Evelyn felt similarly worn down by her own experiences with men in her country.

The two clicked right away and, soon, they were falling in love and making plans to marry.

Justin Halas and Evelyn Halas welcome 2020

A lot of 90 Day Fiance couples seem to break up these days, even those who have put a lot of time and money into their relationships.

But this is because producers are looking for bigger, more polarizing, more sensational stars, many of whom seem to have obvious agendas or personality issues.

Evelyn and Justin's love story reminds us that there was a time when a greater percentage of the show's couples were simply two people who had fallen in love. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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