Jill Duggar Shocks Fans with "Sexy Bedroom Giveaway": You Guys Want Some Free Lube?!

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Recently, Jill Duggar has distanced herself from her family and their extreme fundamentalist beliefs.

Now, she's promoting "marital aids" on social media, encouraging her fans to buy lubricants, massage candles, and more.

Jill Duggar Breaks the Dress Code Rules

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jill Duggar is advertising a giveaway.

A lot of reality stars, both past and present, do this, making simple deals with brands to run promotions.

But Jill isn't advertising makeup or medically questionable tea or high end clothing.

Jill Duggar IG sexy bedroom basket giveaway

The giveaway is for "the ultimate sexy bedroom basket giveaway."

In addition to money for shopping for things like lingerie and access to a sexy app designed for couples, there are items like coconut lube and massage candles.

Jill has clearly come along way from saying "Nike" to get her brothers to stare at their shoes when a fully dressed woman walks by.

Jill Duggar IG promos dating divas

Jill is also using her platform to promote a page called Dating Divas.

Now, Dating Divas is a page catering to married couples, promoting "creative, inexpensive, and innovative dating ideas."

To the rest of the world, it's no more radical than wearing leggings or drinking a mimosa. To the Duggar clan, it's every bit as radical as wearing leggings or drinking a mimosa.

Jill Duggar IG promos bedroom app

Jill is also plugging a bedroom app designed to help couples "get connected" during intimacy.

She even notes that this particular post is not sponsored -- she's just a genuine fan.

We'll get into why she's surprisingly the perfect person to plug an app like that in a moment.

Jill Duggar Drinks!

Fans on social media are beside themselves with excitement and praise for Jill taking these continued steps away from her family's toxic views.

"I actually GASPED out loud omg," one fan joked.

The comment continued: "We’re one step away from a onlyfans account announcement."

Jill and Her Derick

Taking a more serious tone, another praised: "I’m very glad she’s exploring her sexuality."

"I'm glad they are enjoying each other," commented another. "Can't be easy to develop a healthy sex life when you grew up in a super repressed cult and sexual abuse in your past."

"It's a bit TMI," that same fan acknowledged, "but I'm happy for her."

Jill Duggar and Husband Together

"She’s DEFINITELY doing so much better than she was and seems very happy," observed another commenter.

"I also never agree with her on 99% of things she says," a fan acknowledged.

"But," that comment continued, "it is good to see a little bit of growth even if it’s not what we’re waiting for."

Jill Talks Wearing Pants

Jill Duggar is doing more than just wearing pants and baring her arms (sometimes).

She got her nose pierced -- not an uncommon move on people fleeing from abusive, fundamentalist cults. For some, a piercing is a promise to themselves that they'll never go back.

Jill has also enrolled her children in public school, so that they will be exposed to science and history and also to peers and friends who are not members of her parents' cult.

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar: A Photo

As for why Jill is a perfect spokesperson for things like this ... we should remember that these are tame erotic suggestions for monogamous married couples.

As for Jill, given the oppressive environment in which she was raised, it's probably very difficult to actually voice her sexual desires to her husband without feeling shame or guilt.

Having a "third party" involved, like an app or a book of suggestions, is probably a great icebreaker. And we know that Jill is not alone -- some of her followers probably feel similarly.

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