Anna Duggar: I Don't Need Josh! Jim Bob Is Making Me Rich!

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Anna Duggar may be stuck in a loveless and very unhealthy marriage.

But she's not about to be stuck forever in an old and decaying house.

Anna Duggar on Quasi Christmas

According to Arkansas property records obtained by The Sun, Josh's poor wife is selling a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Springdale, Arkansas for $799,000.

Why is this notable?

Because the mother of six purchased this abode from her controlling father-in-law, Jim Bob, for only $257,000.

Looks like Duggar is trying to flip the property for a rather huge profit, huh?

Anna Duggar and Family

The lodge-style home features stone walls and floors.

The official listing description reads as follows:

“An eagle's perch view in this unique opportunity includes one of the highest points in Benton County offering spectacular views on sitting of 5.22 beautiful acres."

Here's the thing, though: the place needs a $hit ton of work.

Anna Duggar Makeover Pic

"The home has no finished work, it’s a shell," an insider tells The Sun.

Jim Bob bought this same home in 2016 for $325,000 and sold it to Anna in 2019 for $257,078, actually taking a hit in the process.

Many Duggar family followers have been wondering in the year or so since if Jim Bob did this as some kind of bribe.

Might he have given his daughter-in-law a deal, explaining that she could eventually sell the house for a lot more money, in exchange for her sticking with her child-molesting and cheating husband?

Anna Duggar and Her Youngest

Sounds like something Jim Bob would do, doesn't it?

Someone deeply involved in the Arkansas real estate market, the father of 19 owns 13 plots of land, four homes and three commercial buildings for nearly $4.4 million overall.

One of the properties includes the Duggar family’s 20-acre compound seen on TLC's Counting On.

“They’ve always looked for opportunities where they could improve something," a source told People Magazine years ago about how Jim Bob and Michelle look at buying and selling homes.

"They just like flipping houses. They like the construction business, the remodel, and seeing something go from bad to good -- from unused to being attractive for others."

Anna, Josh, Baby

Anna, meanwhile, has been nudging her way back into the spotlight of late.

She has six young kids at home and a husband she can't trust, so no one can blame this 32-year old for often laying low (and likely wishing she had a different life).

Just a few days ago, however, Anna stunned Internet users when she came out and clapped back against a critic.

One unusually passive-aggressive fan went fairly deep into the archives and remarked the following on a photo of Anna and Josh from December of 2019:

“Great picture. Mommy doesn’t look like she feels very well yet."

Anna Duggar and Her Whole Family

What the eff, right?!?

“Umm, I think it’s pretty typical not to feel the greatest less than a week after you deliver a baby …” Anna replied, adding in her clap back:

“I was still happy to be with family and let them meet their newest niece!”

Well said, Anna.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Still, she'll always be thought of as a person who said very little and did absolutely nothing in the face of husband Josh confessing to molesting his own sisters when they were young...

... and then admitting to having an extra-marital affair after reports that he had subscribed to the Ashley Madison adultery website.

"The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country I was hiding my own personal failures," Josh said after this scandal came out in 2015, adding as a mea culpa back then:

"[I'm] the biggest hypocrite ever.”

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