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The Descendants star Dove Cameron has been looking hot and slender in recent photos she’s shared online.

After going topless, fans are wondering if she plans to bare even more … and now, they have their answer.

Photo via Instagram

"puBliC NuDiTy iS ilLeGaL!!" the 24-year-old Cameron mocked in the caption of the topless photo above.

Wisely, she expressed: "f–k the patriarchy celebrate the body!!"

Sagely, Dove then advised some of the best advice that anyone will ever hear:

"Get ur tits out!!!!"

Photo via Instagram

More inspiring words have never been spoken, really.

But seriously folks. Dove is not demanding that anyone show any more of their bodies than they feel comfortable flaunting.

Nor is she advocating for any less. That’s the point.

She is, however, encouraging her fans to follow her example by using their freedom to choose however they see fit.

Photo via Instagram

That’s a little more wordy and impactful than simply writing "tits out!!" but we all understand the idea either way.

Unfortunately, there are always some haters trying to sexualize the situation, and Dove has 37 million followers.

"Who’s gonna say it? me? okay," begins one impertinent commenter.

The comment then reads: "When’s the onlyfans dropping?"

This person may have been very amused with him or herself.

Dove was considerably less so.

"F–k off," Dove replied.

Okay then!

Dove Cameron Glams It Up
Photo via Instagram

Understand that she is not shaming Bella Thorne or the venerable sex workers who use the adult media subscription site.

OnlyFans, for those unaware or pretending to be unaware, allows people to share nudes and videos and get paid.

Which is all good if that’s what you’re into. Cameron, for her part, is deeply annoyed at the insinuation here though.

Photo via Instagram

The implication behind the comment – that this person was "expecting" Dove to go t-ts out on OnlyFans – was clear.

The idea that anyone would feel entitled to expect to see more of her body than she decides to share didn’t sit well.

Sharing your body in exchange for money is not shameful. Impatiently demanding that someone do so, on the other hand, is a garbage thing to do.

Dove also clapped back at a now-deleted comment that seemed to relate to her being a Disney star.

It’s true that Dove is best known for her role as Mal on The Descendants. She plays the child of Maleficent and (Disney’s version of) Hades.

She has also worked for ABC, which of course is owned by Disney, appearing in Agents of SHIELD.

Photo via Instagram

But it seems that some are trying to push a narrative that Dove is just like some Disney stars before her.

Famously, Miley Cyrus was considered a Disney asset right up until she released "Can’t Be Tamed." 

At which point Disney pulled promotions of her. Maybe for the best, as she became a "Wrecking Ball" indeed.

Photo via Instagram

But Dove is making it clear that she doesn’t schedule her life, activities, or social media posts around whatever Disney has planned.

Others have also had the gall to suggest that she, a 24-year-old woman, is somehow being a "bad role model" by posting suggestive yet perfectly Instagram-appropriate photos of herself.

That is nothing but puritanical clownery, pure and simple.

Photo via Instagram

Dove is not asking 14 year old superfans to start flashing the landscape — the contest for her posts is that she is an adult.

If her younger fans grow up to follow her example, flipping off the patriarchy, then she’s done a great job …

… even though it is not her job to raise other people’s kids.