Chelsea Houska to Adam Lind: Stay Out of Our Daughter's Life!

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These days, Chelsea Houska is living the dream.

She's got three beautiful children with a fourth on the way; she's married to a guy who seems just about perfect, and she lives in a country dream house in her home state of South Dakota.

Chelsea Houska's Baby Bump Selfie

Of course, Chelsea didn't always have it this good.

In fact, there was a time when her story was one of the Teen Mom franchise's most notorious cautionary tales.

That's because Chelsea had her first child with Adam Lind, possibly the worst baby daddies in the history of reality television, which is really saying something.

Adam Lind Selfie

These days Lind is barely a part of Aubree's life at all, but he's always lurking at the perimeter, threatening to bring chaos into Chelsea's idyllic existence.

During Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 fans were braced for conflict, as the previous episode saw Aubree telling her mom that she wanted Cole and Adam to accompany her to a father-daughter dance.

For obvious reasons, the situation caused Chelsea a considerable amount of stress, and she was reluctant to reach out to Lind.

Adam Lind, Chelsea

"Before I reach out to Adam, I want to make sure Aubree wants him there," Chelsea said in a voice-over.

"So, the father-daughter dance, do you still want to invite your dad?" she asked Aubree.

To the immense relief of everyone involved (or watching at home), Aubree shook her head no.

Cole With Aubree

When Chelsea asked if she was "okay with just Cole," Aubree answered:

"Yes, you said that was the end of it."

From there, we saw Chelsea singing Cole's praises and thanking him for his ability to make Aubree "feel special."

Aubree & Cole Pic

"I honest to God forget Cole is not Aubree's biological dad," she said.

"He takes the time to do stuff with just her and make her feel special," Houska added.

"It is so important for her to know consistency - who knows what would happen if she didn't have that, or a father figure," she continued.

Chelsea De Boer Bump

"He does all of that for her, and that takes a really special person."

Chelsea might be continually impressed by Cole's commitment to Aubree's happiness, but she's certainly not surprised.

After all, Cole has spoken about adopting Aubree with obvious excitement, telling fans that he would sign the papers ASAP if he were able to.

Chelsea and Cole De Boer Pic

These days, Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child, and she's repeatedly praised Cole for his willingness to pick up the slack around the house -- while working full-time, no less! -- during her pregnancy.

(Sorry to get so excited about a guy holding down an actual job -- it's just so rare in the Teen Mom world!)

The franchise that made Chelsea famous has seen so many broken relationships and neglected kids that viewers might forget men like Cole exist.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

Chelsea is living proof that happy endings can arise from even the most dire circumstances.

And DeBoer remains the closest that Teen Mom fans have seen to seeing a real Prince Charming ride in and save the day.

We wish Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree all the best -- they certainly deserve it.

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