Cassie Randolph Showered With Support from Bachelor Nation

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This week, Cassie Randolph returned to social media after an understandable hiatus.

Despite the hate that she has received, the Bachelor Nation is showering her with love and support.

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"Be like the moon and inspire people even when you’re far from full," Cassie wrote in a sweet caption earlier this week.

As we reported, she had taken an apparent step back from social media for some time after news broke of her filing for a restraining order against her ex, Colton Underwood.

Many of us have seen the hateful, victim-blaming, and accusatory things that "fans" have written about Cassie. It is no wonder that she wanted a step back.

Cassie Randolph and the Moon

However, Cassie has also received words of support.

Much of this has come from her fans, but even more words of kindness have flowed from fellow members of the Bachelor Nation.

“You inspire me,” Alayah Benavidez, one of the contestants from Peter Weber's season, comments.

Mykenna D. Photo

MyKenna Dorn writes: "Yes! Sending all the love to you, babe."

With her words of affection, she includes three yellow heart emojis.

Meanwhile, Lauren Burnham -- who of course is maried to Arie Luyendyk Jr -- left three red heart emojis in a show of support.

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Desiree Hartsock, a former Bachelorette, praises: "You're beautiful!"

Olivia Caridi, who was a contestant on Season 20, sent red heart emojis.

And the same emojis were used by Season 24 contestant Kelsey Weier.

Kelsey Weier Photo

“This pic and caption are perfect,” Sydney Lotuaco writes.

She included a blue emoji with her post.

Syndey, of course, was one of Cassie's fellow constestants on Colton's season.

Sydney Lotuaco

Speaking of Season 23 alums, Elyse Dehlborn also chimed in.

She wrote: "Love that smile and YOU!"

Not all words of encouragement have to spell out why the person needs them. It's okay to check on a friend and just compliment their hair or smile.


Cassie has been having a very hard time with her breakup from Colton, but not just for the usual reasons.

In court documents, Cassie confided that she was "fearful for her safety" under an alleged harassment and stalking campaign waged by her ex.

She described Colton bombarding her with phone calls, sending "unsettling" text messages, and showing up uninvited to places like her parents' house at odd hours.

Colton and Cassie Pic

Cassie accused her ex of watching her Los Angeles apartment.

He allegedly told friends that he takes multiple daily walks to observe her residence.

Most menacing of all, he allegedly planted a tracking device on her car in order to be aware of her movements at all times. Scary stuff.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph on Social Media

Cassie obtained an emergency restraining order. Colton is currently required to keep his distance from her, her home, her place of work, and her vehicle.

There will be an upcoming hearing on October 6 in which further evidence will be reviewed.

At that time, it is expected that Cassie will seek to extend the restraining order in order to ensure her continued safety and peace of mind.

Cassie Randolph on the Beach

Some of the hateful comments flooding social media have accused Cassie of doing this "for attention" or of badmouthing her ex.

To be clear, that argument is always absurd. We have seen the same baseless claim hurled against countless women by foolish people who imagine that being a victim feels glamorous. It does not.

In reality, Cassie filed the court documents like anyone else would. She didn't go on a tour of interviews discussing her ordeal. That said, she has every right to do so.

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