Big Brother Recap: The Committee Crumbles!

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The Committee has been running things inside the Big Brother house since week one, but with numbers dwindling, they will soon have to take each other out. 

Ahead of the latest HOH competition, Dani used her power to allow Memphis to play in the next comp, despite being the outgoing HOH. 

Still, Dani was apprehensive about it, and rightfully so. She is fast becoming the biggest target in the game because of her actions. 

Big Brother Golf-Style HOH Competition

Nicole and Cody compared notes and realized that Dani could be gearing up to take one or both of them out and said they would have to strike. 

Christmas was also causing problems, telling viewers she wanted to put Dani and Nicole on the block. 

Dani and Nicole lied to each other about the votes for Da'Vonne to stay, and everyone else picked up on it. 

Memphis did not want to win the next HOH competition because he was coming off a successful reign in which he got Da'Vonne out of the house. 

Memphis on Big Brother

When it came to the HOH competition, houseguests were given three shots, and they could go with the power or prize lane. 

Dr. Will's return allowed houseguests to choose their own path in the game, with people being allowed to go for the HOH win and for $10,000. 

Memphis did not want either the money or the power and messed up his shots. Dani wanted the money and no power, so she went for the prize and got a decent score. 

Tyler tried to go for both and managed to get decent scores on both sides of the course. 

Tyler Crispen

Kevin wanted a better score, so he gave up his score of 5 and then got out of bounds. Yep, he's just not that good at competitions. 

Cody delivered the good and managed a score of 2, proving that the Committee will continue to run this game until the bitter end. 

Dani and Tyler each won the prize, but they had to split it. They did not tell anyone in the house about it. 

Enzo exposed Memphis for crafting the two alliances, meaning that Christmas was high up the suspect list. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

Enzo's methodology was that he wanted the house to stop targeting Kevin and David. 

Cody had some food for thought, but then Kevin threatened him by telling him he would not have his vote at the jury if he makes it to the end. 

The conversation turned sour and Cody was livid about it, so it was cut short. 

Unexpectedly, Cody nominated Kevin and David. 

The only way something good will happen this week is if Kevin or David win the Veto, but given that they've been struggling, it's not likely. 

Christmas Abbott Photograph

What do you think of the nominations?

Who do you think will get the boot in the triple eviction?

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c. 

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