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Through the first four weeks of Big Brother: All Stars, one side of the house has been running the game, making all the decisions, and making the overall season a drag. 

We’ve lost Big Brother legends such as Keesha Smith and Janelle Pierzina, and heading into the latest episode, it seemed like Kaysar was next to get the boot. 

But, with the Veto still up for grabs, there was a small chance that the game could be changed for the better. 

A Tense Veto on Big Brother
Photo via CBS

Kaysar recognized that his Big Brother life was starting to unravel, so he started scheming to make sure he would get removed from the block. 

Bayleigh, who was a close friend to Janelle in the house, essentially refused to help him because she thought he was condescending towards her, or something. 

She seemed to think that she was well aware of what was going on in the house, but little did she know that there’s an even bigger alliance that does not include her. 

Ian managed to evade the block, so he asked Enzo about his plans should someone be taken down. Enzo complained about Ian talking game, despite saying he wanted to have a lot of conversations during his reign. 

Tyler Crispen
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Enzo likes to imply he makes big moves, but in reality, he follows the house. It’s pretty exhausting. 

Tyler was chosen to compete, his fourth time in a row this season.

Bayleigh got picked as well, while Kevin pulled a "Houseguest Choice" chip and, based on a conversation he had earlier, picked David to play because David promised to pull him off the block if he won.

When it came to the actual competition, Kaysar was first out, because it was simply not a good competition for the bigger built people in the house. 

In the end, it came down to Kevin and David, but the latter refused to throw the competition. 

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It made sense because David could have been put up on the block if Kevin won and pulled himself off. 

In the end, Kevin won and, you guessed it, pulled himself off the block. Enzo put Christmas up as a pawn to get Kaysar out, but we all know that pawns regularly go home on Big Brother. 

Dani, who has been playing all sides of the house, and planting seeds of doubt among the houseguests, finally made a mistake. 

After realizing a meeting would be good with Bay, Day, and the rest of the Slick Six, she walked into the HOH room and asked for a meeting. 

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But she forgot that Nicole was sitting on the bed, confused about what was going on. 

Tyler was similarly livid about the developments, and he now knows that Nicole is on to his other alliance. 

This would have been the perfect moment to get Dani out of the game, but that can only really happen during a double because she will be able to talk herself off the block. 

What do you think of all the latest developments?

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Big Brother evicts its fourth houseguest Thursday at 8/7c.