Audrey Roloff Tries to Bury Family Feud. Will Peace Be Made?

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Audrey Roloff is not very popular these days.

Not among strangers. Not among social media followers. Not even among members of her own family.

But it now appears as if the former Little People, Big World star is trying to do something about this.

Outside with the Roloffs

The mother of two may finally be fed up with all the backlash she's been receiving, most recently because she made the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing push for social justice reform sound like things one can just ignore.

Prior to getting dragged for this example of white privilege, Audrey had spent the summer passive aggressively feuding with her in-laws.

As has been noted on this celebrity gossip website many times before, Jeremy's wife spends almost no time at all with Jeremy's siblings.

Go ahead and check her Instagram feed if you don't believe us.

Audrey Roloff and Ember Outside

But things have seemed especially chippy between Audrey and the Roloffs over the past couple months.

Case in point?

Audrey quoted the bible and issued a very broad and vague statement in the wake of George Floyd being killed by a white police officer this May in Minnesota.

She then got slammed for the response by Jacob Roloff, who didn't cite Audrey by name... but who did call out "Christian voices [who contribute] nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; only empty gestures and fancy platitudes."

Audrey and Jeremy Together

Another case in point?

Audrey wished everyone a happy Fourth of July amid sharing photos of her family celebrating America's birthday.

Only for Jacob's wife, Isabel, to seemingly hurl shade at Audrey for honoring the legacy of white supremacy.

"The United States has kids in cages," read a pre-existing image that Isabel posted to her Instagram Stories. "F--k your Fourth of July."

On a Road Trip

Audrey, a devout Christian who craves the spotlight, and Jacob, a non-believer who prefers a reclusive life, notably haven't gotten along for years.

Which is fine, of course. Not all family members need to be best friends.

However, a simple few words that Audrey posted this week to Isabel's Instagram account prompt us to think the podcast host and author is trying to make peace.

Audrey Roloff and Her Cute Daughter

Isabel shared a video on Tuesday online, explaining that despite her "terrible stage fright", she plans to record an acoustic cover every week.

In this first case, she went with Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love.

"I decided that I was going to do something completely new and out of my comfort zone and I'm terrified but it's going to be great," said Isabel, adding:

"I have terrible stage fright and I haven't been able to do this before."

izzie singing

Underneath the footage? As one of the first comments posted?

Audrey wrote "Okkkkk, get it."

It doesn't seem like much on the surface, but it's a whole lot when you consider the context we outlined above.

Isabel, referring to the outpouring of support she received online in general for her singing, seemed overwhelmed and thankful.

"I'm actually crying. What did I do to deserve any of you?" she asked her fans.

Isabel Roloff and Jacob

Are we reading too much into a very short and basic Audrey remark? Perhaps.

But it's just so unlike her to offer up a compliment of this nature to any in-laws.

That's not meant as a judgment, it's really justa fact.

And the possibly renewed relationship between Audrey and the Roloffs is now something worth keeping your eye on.

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