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Amy Roloff is an outstanding chef.

This statement is not up for debate.

However, based on a few recent photos and videos of the Little People, Big World matriarch in the kitchen, some followers out there are questioning Roloff’s cooking habits.

Amy Roloff in Her Kitchen

The mother of four has partly  made a living for years due to her culinary skills.

She even just expanded her Amy’s Little Kitchen business online, sharing new footage of her recipes and talking in depth about some of her favorites.

Again: No one has any issues with Amy has a baker. She can bring it!

“Hey Food TV! You need to call Amy Roloff for a celebrity cross over cooking show!!!” a fan commented on Instagram, for example.

Photo via Instagram

“You should pitch a cooking show for the Food Network,” another person wrote under a video of Amy making a shrimp and quinoa dish, adding:

“I think it would be a hit plus what an inspiration for people to watch you work all your delicious recipes in front of there eyes.”

So there are the positive reviews.

The negative remarks, though, stem from some of the stuff Amy does in and aroound these yummy dishes.

Amy Roloff with a Box
Photo via Instagram

Back on July 10, Amy shared a video showing off in the kitchen with her great friend, Lisa.

While the two women were busy cooking up broccoli and ricotta cheese crostini, fans took to the Comments section to point out the incessant, stomach-turning finger-licking.

“Just wish Amy wouldn’t constantly lick her fingers when she’s dealing with food then touching everything around her yuk,” a person said.

“Especially in the situation we are in at the moment with COVID-19.”

Amy Roloff Goes Live

Added another:

“Amy please stop licking your fingers and not washing before you touch something. Know its a habit we all do but please not on a video everyone seeing.”

We’re sure Amy would agree with these critiques. It’s simply a habit she has to break — heck, she may not know she’s even doing it, you know?

Elsewhere, but related, Amy has been called out for a house that isn’t exactly well put together… in the opinion of some social media users..

Amy Roloff Just Chills
Photo via Instagram

“I understand they had a big family but was always surprised at the condition of the house,” a Reddit user noted.

“Now, she touts herself as some phenomenal cook and I just don’t buy it. She could barely keep up her home yet now is some kitchen guru.”

At least one other person agrees.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Celebrate
Photo via Instagram

“The state of the house during the early episodes is just atrocious," a TLC viewer wrote online, explaining in further detail:

"I get anxiety just seeing the crap strewn all over the place. Furthermore, Matt left Amy to do all the housework and expected her to raise and discipline the kids while he got to be the ‘fun’ parent.”

Amy has yet to respond to any of these critiques.

But with new episodes of Little People, Big World on the way, we can expect to hear plenty from the reality star in the days, weeks and months ahead.