Tamra Judge: Did She Just Reveal that NeNe Leakes Was Fired From Real Housewives?

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For months, rumors have circulated that NeNe Leakes might not return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It has not been confirmed, though ... unless Tamra Judge just spilled the beans.

Tamra Judge on the Couch

It all started with the stunning announcement that Dorinda Medley is quitting The Real Housewives of New York City.

Tamra Judge took to social media and shared a throwback photo of the two of them side-by-side.

It was her caption, however, that really got the ball rolling.

Tamra Judge and Dorinda Medley Throwback

"@dorindamedley you will be missed icon," Tamra Judge's Instagram caption begins.

"But," she assures her, "it’s pretty amazing on the other side."

Much earlier this year, it was announced that Tamra, alongside castmate of 12 years Vicki Gunvalson, was no longer on RHOC.

Tamra Judge Screeches From the Audience

It was Tamra's tags in particular that had eyebrows raising among her many followers.

"#Vicki #Tamra #leeann #Nene? #LVP #Bethenny #dorinda," Tamra tagged.

Almost as if mourning deceased loved ones (including herself), Tamra wrote: "Gone but never forgotten."

Tamra Judge Is Not Impressed

As we noted, Vicki and Tamra both left after being reduced to insultingly minor "Friend" roles early this year.

LeeAnn Locken quit The Real Housewives of Dallas early this year in an announcement that stunned fans.

Lisa Vanderpump quit RHOBH after PuppyGate drama, Bethenny left RHONY (for now), and now Dorinda.

NeNe Leakes Speaks at the Aftershow

But NeNe Leakes, the unquestioned star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

"Did you just out NeNe?" a sharp-eyed fan asked.

The comment continued: "Don't think NeNe has officially said she wasn't coming back as of yet."

Tamra Judge Meme: That's My Opinion!

"Maybe I'm wrong," Tamra admitted.

She explained: "I thought I heard she's not going back?"

Stories of NeNe balking at negotiations or otherwise not returning to the Bravo series have circulated, to be sure.

NeNe Leakes' Eyes Widen in Anger

It is unclear if Tamra was simply repeating rumors that she had assumed to be factual.

Some wondered if she accidently spilled an insider secret that she had believed to be public knowledge.

If so, "oh, I'd heard ..." would make a great excuse to keep it under wraps. After all, Tamra wouldn't want to be sued, and she could always be a Housewife again.

Tamra Judge for Bravo

"Spill the tea sis," one fan responds, "because the blogs will say anything."

"Yeah, she ahsn't confirmed or denied," another cimes in. "As a matter of fact, she said she was still in negotiations."

That same comment added: "Seems like you know something we don't."

Tamra Judge on Air

Just over the weekend, NeNe went on a social media rampage, posting subtweets about persons unknown.

During part of the furious rant, she claimed to have been betrayed after taking "the beating so others didn't have to."

NeNe even addedthat she ahd "covered up things I shouldn't have." Her topic was unclear.

NeNe Leakes Swagg Boutique

Sometimes, a Real Housewife remaining in negotiations for an extended period of time is a sign that something is wrong.

That is what happened to Vicki before she was reduced to the "Friend" role for the first time in her lengthy career.

But still, it would be stunning if NeNe found herself in the same predicament.

NeNe Leakes Says Eff Kenya and Her Bad Skin, Okay?

If Bravo is downsizing NeNe's role or her salary, fans believe that it's not over ratings.

NeNe -- and especially her big fights with Kenya -- tends to be a ratings near-guarantee for the show.

However, her bad behavior, particularly her truancy from part of the Tell All which was done remotely this year, make fans wonder if Bravo has simply had enough.

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