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Amid Kanye West’s latest bipolar meltdown, Kim Kardashian flew to Wyoming last week, where the rapper has been holed up at his sprawling ranch in the remote town of Cody.

The trip did not go smoothly.

Kimye 2020

Kim only stayed for a day, during which time, she and Kanye were photographed arguing in a car.

In pics obtained by TMZ, Kim is in tears, while Kanye is, by turns, gesturing wildly or responding to his wife’s pain – which he, of course, caused – with callous indifference.

Kim returned from Wyoming without Kanye, and many assumed she would begin divorce proceedings upon returning to LA.

Kimye: 6 Years!

But it seems the mother of four is not quite ready to give up on her marriage – her third, following unions with Damon Thomas and Kris Humphries.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Kim made a return trip to Cody this week, and this time, she brought reinforcements.

Kim was joined on her private flight by "hipster pastor" (The Sun’s words, not ours) Rich Wilkerson.

Kimye on Season 16

Wilkerson officiated Kim and Kanye’s wedding ceremony in 2014, and he’s reportedly remained an influential force in West’s life ever since.

Insiders say Kim is hoping that Wilkerson can convince Kanye to check into an in-patient treatment facility.

That’s a big ask, but R-Dub may be the only one who can manage such a heavy emotional lift in her eyes.

Boobs! And a Smile!

A source says the three of them will leave Kanye’s ranch so that they can discuss matters someplace more private and secluded than … rural Wyoming.

"Kim and Kanye’s trip isn’t a romantic holiday," says one insider, giving new meaning to "stating the obvious."

"It’s more of a chance for them to reconnect away from the chaos of Wyoming, the hangers on who surround Kanye and the audience of their entourage."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Better Days

As if the phrase "the chaos of Wyoming" wasn’t enough to underscore how bizarre this situation has become, Kim apparently considered bringing her mother along for the ride.

Yes, despite the fact that Kanye recently accused Kris Jenner of being a white supremacist.

Kim & Kris Selfie

"Kim wanted to bring her mom but didn’t want Kanye to feel like he was being pressured," a separate source claims.

"She’s planning to fly Rich Wilkerson Jnr, their pastor who married them, out with his wife – or if Kanye is resistant, to video call him. He’s someone Kanye trusts," the insider adds.

"He’s been a constant in Kim and Kanye’s lives and he’s a friend of the family. Kim is hoping an intervention will help Kanye."

Kim and Kanye Call It Quits

The move by Kim has been described as a "last-ditch effort," and many onlookers continue to believe the couple is headed for divorce.

Over the weekend fans thought they spotted a glimmer of hope when Kim posted throwback photos from her wedding dress fitting.

It feels like yesterday. And yet like a lifetime ago.

Sadly, it seems she did so not in fond remembrance of the wedding itself, but as a tribute to designer Ricardo Tisci on his birthday.

Rumors about Kim and Kanye getting divorced have been circulating more or less since the day they got married, but never before has the couple seemed so close to the precipice.

It’s bleak, to say the least.

It’s a testament to Kim’s commitment to her family that she’s even attempting to save this marriage after all this.

Given the horrendous things Kanye has said about her in recent weeks (including allegations that she cheated on him with Meek Mill) … most people would’ve walked.

Just saying.

A Kiss for Kim

At the same time, don’t mistake her kindness for weakness.

She’s no pushover. It’s a safe bet that if the pastor’s intervention isn’t effective, Kim will do what she needs to do to protect her children, whicn will probably mean ending her marriage.