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Audrey Roloff has made it official:

She doesn’t hate ALL of her in-laws.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff with Molly and Joel

Over the past several weeks, we’ve kept pretty close track of Audrey’s troubled relationship with her husband’s family members.

It’s been nearly impossible to miss the tension that exists there, considering Audrey didn’t invite any of them to her recent birthday party or to a gathering she had over Fourth of July weekend.

Any close follower of Little People, Big World and/or the Roloffs in general is also aware that Jacob tore Audrey a new one over what he perceived to be her lame response to the George Floyd killing.

Serioously, those two have never gotten along.

But Audrey confirmed last week that she and her immediate family were taking off on a little road trip — and that one of their stops would be in Spokane, Washington.


Because Molly Roloff and her husband, Joel, live there.

As you can see way above, meanwhile, Jeremy, Audrey and their two adorable kids clearly arrived at Molly’s home thisi week.

Peach Pickers

"Had the best time hanging with aunt Molly and Uncle Joel this weekend and exploring Spokane!" wrote Audrey on Instagram, adding:

"Grateful for long life-giving days spent outside and warm summer nights accompanied by drinks and the best conversations.

"We are so blessed by our time with these two and by their hospitality.

"We are always inspired by their perspectives on things and the way they live so in the moment."

Audrey Rolof on a Boat

On its own, of course, spending time with a sister-in-law would not be a big deal. We probably wouldn’t even write about it here.

However, ask yourself this:

When was the last time Audrey spent any time with Tori Roloff? (To whom she lives much closer than Molly, it should be noted.)

Based on something Tori said in late June, it sounds as if she hasn’t visited with Tori in months… and possibly as if their baby children haven’t seen each other ever at all.

Which would be pretty amazing if true.

Roloffs on the Lake

Molly, of course, turned 18 years ago and left Little People, Big World behind. 

She harbors no ill will toward any of her siblings or her parents and everyone remains on good terms.

It’s just that Molly wanted to live a life far away from the spotlight, something she has accomplished by getting married and settling down hours away from her relatives.

For this reason, she’s also managed to avoid the sort of feuds in which Audrey often finds herself ensconced.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Wine Country

Audrey herself seemed to reference these feuds when she posted about women and how they should stop tearing each other down.

"I love women empowering other women," she wrote on Instagram on July 27.

"I’ve always had a heart to inspire and motivate women to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within them through Christ.

"We need to be women who are building each other up and spurring each other on, not tearing each other down and falling into the comparison trap."

To whom do you guys think she was referring here?