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Chelsea Houska is in a reflective mood these days.

But can you really blame the MTV veteran?

Chelsea and Cole Together
Photo via Instagram

As reported just a week agoo, Houska is pregnant with her fourth child and, therefore, is thinking a great deal about her life at the moment.

She’s just come so far, you know?

And so many of these changes have taken place in front of a camera crew.

On August 11, the verified Twitter account for the reality show 16 and Pregnant — on which Chelsea was introduced to the world — focused on Houska and her evolution.

"Ten years, one husband, and two more kids later…. [Chelsea Houska’s] dreams have all come true. Witness her journey since the [16 and Pregnant] days to [Teen Mom 2] on our official Facebook page," this message read.

Houska retweeted it with a comment that read as follows:

"Seeing this knowing what I know now….makes my heart ache. What a journey it’s been."

That’s an interesting way of putting it, huh?

Chelsea Houska With Son and Daughter
Photo via Instagram

In the video attached to Tweet above, we see Houska giving birth to her first child, Aubree, who was born five weeks early and is the daughter of Houska’s ex, Adam Lind.

Since starring on 16 and Pregnant — when she was just a senior in high school in 2009!!! — the popular star has marriedd Cole DeBoer … and has welcomed two more kids, three-year old Watson and two-year old Layne.

Cole, of course, is also the father of her impending child.

Which is gonna be a girl!

Chelsea's Baby Bump #4
Photo via Instagram

Fans who have followed Chelsea’s long, winding and very sweet family’s journey know that DeBoer is NOT Aubree’s biological father.

However, she did take his last name in 2018 and Cole very clearly loves her like one of his own.

Houska had stated in the past that the couple had discussed expanding its immediate family, but never gave much of a timeline or said when it might actually happen.

"We definitely want more kids — at least one — but I think we’re going to wait probably a little farther than the last two babies," she told E! News in February of 2019, adding back then:

"Maybe when [Layne is] 2, we’ll start thinking about it. But there will be more."

Photo via Instagram

Despite Chelsea clearly stating she wanted to have another child, and despite her now getting impregnated by her loving and stable husband… some trolls out there are still giving her a hard time.

"Omg ya just popping babies left to right just for TV," one moron wrote in response to Chelsea’s baby news, while another added:

"Take care of the ones you have quit having so many damn kids you can’t afford."

These were both terrible, wildly inappropriate remarks.

Happy Houska

And yet… they somehow weren’t the worst.

"Omg," another comment read. "Another baby keep your legs closed damn."

We’d clap back hard at this ridiculous insult, but there’s no need for us to do so.

Becauae Chelsea did so herself in a perfect manner.

Photo via Instagram

"These [legs emoji] stay open for my husband," she replied.


The original accusatory Tweet has apparently been deleted, but Houska’s epic reply will live on forever and ever.

She’s the best.