What Does Larissa Lima Do For a Living?

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90 Day Fiance superstar Larissa Lima admits that she'll never be done with plastic surgery.

But how can she afford to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of work done?

Larissa Lima is Single Again

Larissa's upsetting breakup with Colt in January 2019 left her with $38 to her name and no home.

Fortunately, she was able to live with her good friend, Carmen Nys.

But having a friend let you crash at their place is not the same thing as finding a way to bankroll a lot of expensive cosmetic procedures.

Larissa Lima and BFF Carmen

Yes, many of Larissa's procedures are believed to have been product endorsements.

But that doesn't go for all of them, particularly for the work that she has had done but not shared on Instagram.

Fans are wondering how in the world she has been able to afford $22,000 in cosmetic surgery. 90 Day Fiance does not pay that kind of money.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy

"The American people are very gentle with me, very kind with me," Larissa explains to Life & Style.

She details: "They book my Cameos." Cameos are made-to-order videos that famous people can make for fans, for cash.

"And," Larissa adds, "I can pay my attorney fees, my procedures, and make a living."

Larissa Lima Makes a Toast

"I can see the difference from before in my face and now,” Larissa observes.

She says that there are signs of the work that she has had done, even on the show.

“The last episode," Larissa comments, "I really liked my face."

Larissa Lima Grins Broadly

According to Larissa, her "favorite thing” about her facial transformation is her new nose.

“I did some hyaluronic acid in my nose," she details.

Larissa shares that the purpose of the acid was "to make it more straight."

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath

Additionally, Larissa got injections of botox in her gums in order to make her smile "less gummy."

She has also undergone sculpting of her cheeks, jawline, chin, and her butt.

Larissa says that she has had sculpting done "several times."

Larissa Lima Models a Hot Dress

Later this season, we will apparently get to watch the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star reveal her “big surgery."

We do not yet know what that procedure will be -- and we will have to keep watching the season to find out.

But Larissa teases that, at some point in the future, she plans to undergo a Brazilian butt lift and also a tummy tuck. 

Larissa Lima Flaunts New Hair, Jawline, and Smile

“After that, I will be 200 times done,” Larissa characterizes.

“When I do that," she clarifies, "I will be 100 percent happy with my body."

That is great and we hope that she is right!

Larissa Lima Debuts Makeover Look

Larissa is the first to admit that she has "very small dreams” for her life here in America.

She oncea gain repeats her desire to “find a job in the mall," which is an interesting reminder that malls exist.

Larissa also shares that she wants to learn how to drive.

Larissa Lima Smiles in an Interview

“I have my employment authorization," Larissa notes, "because my work visa is a visa that’s to come here [the U.S.] to work."

Larissa admits: “I got the two confused, but the producer always remembers [for] me."

She affirms: "I have employment authorization and I do my Cameos online."

Larissa Lima Smells a Single Rose

"So, I can afford those procedures …" Larissa reasons.

She also notes that she can afford to do them "because I don’t do all of them in one day, you know."

"It’s a slow process," Larissa admits.

Larissa Lima Shows Off Her Newest Face

Larissa's dream job in a mall may not take place in Las Vegas, as she recently detailed on Instagram.

"For everyone that always asked if I would live in another state..." she begins.

Larissa acknowledges that "Vegas was my home for almost two years."

Larissa Lima BT90D title card

"But," Larissa declares, "now is time for a new beginning in a different state."

"I still love Vegas," she emphasizes.

"And," Larissa laments, she "will miss all my friends, partners, and pools." Oh, will she be leaving Eric Nichols behind?

Larissa Lima Models a Red Dress

"I'm very happy [about] this choice and the opportunity to start again," Larissa shares.

She is looking forward to putting down roots and "and [leaving] my past buried definitely on the desert sands."

"Very excited for this new chapter," Larissa enthusiastically concludes.

Larissa Lima IG Story not a size queen

We still remember her post last year, when she asked fans to recommend places in the US where she might enjoy living.

(She wanted places that are not too hot and not too cold, which is so subjective that I didn't even feel comfortable offering a suggestion)

So this move was clearly a long time coming.

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