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Earlier this year, just weeks before the pandemic hit, Sophie Turner revealed that she is pregant with Joe Jonas’ baby.

It was a pleasant surprise, and so is this: Joe and Sophie have welcomed the birth of their baby!

Sophie Turner with Joe Jonas
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On Monday, July 27, Us Weekly reported receiving an official statement from the happy, beautiful couple.

"Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their baby," the pair announce.

That may not be a very detailed announcement, but the news is both exciting and welcome.

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The pair have not made any official announcement on either of their Instagram accounts.

In fact, their most recent social media activity has been about Black Lives Matter.

The largest human rights protests in the world have been ongoing since the end of May, and both stars have used their platforms to speak on this vital issue.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Pic
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Sophia has actually never publicly acknowledged her pregnancy.

No sit-down interviews (or remote ones, given the COVID-19 pandemic’s obvious restrictions) to talk about morning sickness or whatever.

That said, she has appeared in public and attended Black Lives Matter protests with her baby bump on display.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Together
Photo via Getty Images for Republic Record

This relative silence is no surprise, as their May 2019 wedding was also carried out privately and in total secrecy.

Total secrecy … except for Diplo livestreaming the event.

Sophie did admit that it was "funny," but admitted that it was not exactly what they had planned.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Party
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"It would have been better if no one had known,” she later expressed.

“I think at some point I would have had to stop saying ‘fiancé,’ but … marriage is a private thing between two people," Sophie noted.

And I think that’s how it should always be," she added.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, Rolling Stone Cover
Photo via Rolling Stone

Sophie expressed: "It’s not about the dress, it’s not about the food."

"It’s about being husband and wife," she emphasized.

"And," Sophie continued, "being dedicated to each other forever."

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Together
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"I don’t know if I feel like a wife yet," she confessed just weeks after her nuptials.

"I don’t know how I feel," she added. "I mean, I feel good, obviously."

Sophie explained: "But it happened so recently that I’m just kind of floating at the moment."

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas at a Party
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Joe’s parents learned about his wedding from a waiter while dining at a restaurant.

"[My parents] have an amazing restaurant in North Carolina," Joe dished last year.

He continued: "And I think, like, a couple of their staff walked up and were, like, ‘Congratulations! I saw.’ And then they had to find out."

Sophie Turner is Radiant
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"So I was doing a lot of, like, apologizing," Joe admitted.

He joked: "And ‘Hey, you guys want to come out to L.A.? I got you four spas at the Four Seasons.’" after the secret wedding.

It wasn’t spite that made them under-report their own nuptials, however.

Joe Jonas is Handsome
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"In my mind, that was the legal portion of the marriage,” Joe reasoned. “

So I was thinking, like, ‘Look, this is not the most important day.’ There’s an important day, I mean, I’ll keep private, but ahead of us," he added.

"So we were, like — ‘This is, like, just whoever’s in town," Joe said. 

Sophie Turner Picture
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That later speciald ate came in June of 2019 at Chateau de Tourreau in Sarrains, a commune found in Provence, France.

That’s the kind of rich people BS wedding that you expect from a Jonas Brother and a star of screens large and small.

Congratulations go out to Sophie and to Joe and to their precious little one! Which parent will the baby resemble the most?