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Last month, Nicole Nafziger obliterated mom-shamers who accused her of "abandoning" her 6-year-old daughter to spend four months in Morocco.

Now, it’s Nicole’s mom’s turn to clap back at busybodies who think that they know her family.

Nicole Nafziger Drives with Mother Robbalee

"Haha! This feels like lifetime ago," Nicole’s mother, Robbalee, captioned a throwback photo of her daughters.

"My little girl is having her own little girl," she announced. "Love you Taylor!"

In the accompanying photo, we see an image of Nicole and Taylor that was snapped years ago.

Nicole Nafziger and Sister Taylor

Robbalee is not really a public figure on her own. She’s sort of a public figure by association, through Nicole.

Even so, every now and then, she will engage with her followers — even with her daughter’s most hateful trolls.

As you can imagine, the congratulatory messages that Robbalee received were laced with shade, an worse, towards Nicole.

Nicole calls Azan 03

"Congratulations! I bet Taylor will be an amazing mommy," one commenter’s praise began.

Unfortunately, they did not end it there.

Instead, the comment continued: "and actually keep her daughter unlike Nicole who gave hers away for a guy who married his cousin."

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

Robbalee made it clear that, first of all, the absurd rumor that Azan is married, let alone married to his cousin, are false.

(Yes, marriage within a family does happen in Morocco sometimes, but there has never been any evidence that Azan is married at all)

After clearing up that, Robbalee moved on to the people who are still insisting that Nicole "abandoned" May.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger in 2020
Photo via Instagram

“There was no abandonment,” Robbalee, who is so gentle with these rude people, wrote.

“She (May) is getting to spend time with her grandparents while her mommy is away," she explained.

As countless grandchildren have gotten do while their parents vacation — but the pandemic has shaken up plans.

Nicole Nafziger Smacks Down Mom-Shamers: You Don't Know My Life, So STFU!

"There is a lot more to this story than a simple answer," Robbalee emphasized.

"I am grateful for the time I get to spend with May," she expressed.

Robbalee acknowledged that "many grandparents don’t get this much time or get to make this many wonderful memories.”

Nicole calls Azan 04 - won't listen to mom

“Nicole Facetimes with May almost every day,” Robbalee noted, confirming what we already knew.

“They watch TV together," she added, "or she shows her the peppers that grow in the garden."

That sounds very sweet, and similar to what so many of us have done while separated from loved ones.

Nicole Nafziger and May at Disney!
Photo via Instagram

"Right now," Robbalee correctly pointed out, "Florida is not even a safe place to come home to."

Due to catastrophic mismanagement by Florida’s government and by the United States President, Florida is a COVID-19 hotspot in the worst way.

Like Arizona and Texas, Florida’s refusal to enact sensible policies has caused rates of this deadly virus to spike. It’s a nightmare.

Nicole Nafziger Stuns in Cobalt
Photo via Instagram

"When it is safe to travel," Robbalee announced, "she looks forward to coming home."

After all, upon arrival at home in Florida, Nicole would likely have to go back to work — in a Starbucks — and then come home to May each night. Not safe.

"We are lucky to have this time with her," the loving grandmother gushed about May.

Nicole calls Azan 07 - may draws adorably

Part of the fan "fury" over Nicole stems from a recent post by Nicole.

She shared a throwback of her mother and admitted to missing her, thanking her mom for watching May while she cannot.

Nicole explained in the comments that she simply cannot afford to get one of the massively overpriced tickets home.

Nicole Nafziger and Mother Robbalee
Photo via Instagram

“Stop judging my [life] and decisions,” Nicole admonished her so-called fans. “Just an idea."

Still, she showed a very realistic estimation of how likely it is for people to comply with her wishes.

"I know you won’t listen," Nicole lamented, "because it’s easier to pin me as a bad mom and gossip about the drama.”

Nicole Nafziger Loves May
Photo via Instagram

Some tabloids decided to claim that Nicole was lying, that tickets home are "free" right now thanks to the US government.

As we explained in detail in the past, the tickets can cost six figures — and are simply paid over time, at a later date, without interest.

Many of us could avail ourselves of that option. But given the financial realities of working at Starbucks and the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging Florida, we can understand how this keeps Nicole at bay.