Kendall Jenner on Instagram: I'm Hotter Than Kylie and Here's the Proof!

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Depending on where you live and what you had planned, the coronavirus might have brought you a whole lot of cancelations and disappointment so far this summer.

But fear not, the celebs are still doing celeb things -- taking lavish vacations on private jets, flaunting their perfect bodies in revealing selfies -- and we can always live vicariously through them.

Kendall Jenner's Bikini Selfie

Kendall posted the above photo on Instagram this week, and though a cowboy hat is always a bold fashion statement, the real focal point of the pic can be found a little further south.

Kendall captioned the post with just an avocado emoji,

If you google the symbolic meaning of said guac ingredient, you'll see that it's very open to interpretation.

Kendall Jenner Retro

Kendall could be saying she credits her toned physique to a plant-based diet.

Or she might be referring to the aphrodisiac nature of the flowering plant.

Or, she might be having a self-deprecating laugh at her own expense by pointing out that -- like avocado obsession -- bikini selfies are considered extremely "basic."

Kendall on Top of Kylie

Of course, some fans are less concerned with the meaning of Kendall's emoji and more concerned with what sort of message she's sending with the pic itself.

As we've discussed several times in recent months, Kylie Jenner has stepped her Instagram game up in a big way in recent.

Kylie's quarantine content has become the stuff of Instagram legend, not only because of how racy it is, but also because she keeps figuring out new ways to keep it fresh.

Kylie Jenner Rocks a Bikini in Utah

One day, Kylie is twerking in a bikini, the next she's giving a tour of her $36 million mansion.

And what does this have to do with Kendall's cowboy-hatted selfie?

Well, there's always been a healthy sibling rivalry between the Jenner sisters, and some believe it's become more intense than ever in recent weeks, thanks to news that Kylie is dating Fai Khadra, who is rumored to be an ex of Kendall's.

Kylie and Fai Khadra

Some believe Kendall is claiming her place as the hottest of the Ker-Jenner sisters with this pic.

Others think she's reminding Fai of what he's missing out on.

But most realize Kendall's probably just posting a bikini pic because that's what members of the Kard clan do.

Kendall Jenner Bathing Suit

And so, most of the commenters were less concerned with wild conspiracy theories than with Kendall's insane figure.

"She‘s fire the bikini is insane," one fan wrote.

Another commented simply, "This body."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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