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This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards flipped out, demanding that Bravo stop filming after Brandi’s claims went public.

But in the previews for next week’s episode, Denise drops a bombshell: who else has banged Brandi?

Photo via Bravo

As explosive as Wednesday night’s episode was, the previews reveal that there is more to come.

"I don’t know Brandi Glanville very well," Teddi freely admits as the ladies dine in Rome.

She then addresses Denise, acknowledging:

"I don’t know you very well, either."

Photo via Bravo

"I will tell you," Denise claims, "Brandi said that she’s had sex with some of the people from this group."

By this group … does Denise mean Real Housewives in general, or something more specific.

Either way, that is a very salacious claim to make — especially because she is being so vague.

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It is Kyle who asks for clarification, asking: "Someone at this table right now?" 

"Yes," Denise alleges.

Well that certainly narrows things down a bit!

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At this point, we’re not sure whether we’re seeing the actual reaction that the Housewives have, or if it’s the nature of reality TV previews at work.

(The actual episode that airs next week may be more clear … or maybe not)

But it looks like all eyes immediately turn to face one Housewife in particular under suspicion that she, too, has boned Brandi Glanville.

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The woman whom they are turning to face? Lisa Rinna.

Now, Lisa herself appears to feel backed into a bit of a corner as this happens.

We do not get to hear any real kind of response from her before the preview for next week’s episode fades to black.

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We have to be honest — we can in no way be certain that the preview isn’t wildly misleading us.

It may be that they all turn to Lisa for a different, or even unrelated reason. Previews are even less beholden to reflect the truth than the episodes.

Previews don’t exist to inform, but to hook our attention. That said … this preview has absolutely done its job.

Denise Richards Starts a Rumor
Photo via Bravo

Speaking of interesting things that do not necessarily reflect the truth … what do we think of Denise’s claims?

Because we’ll be honest, this doesn’t really sound like the beginning of a brand new arc for the season.

This feels like a distraction.

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We’re going to level with you: Denise is straight-up not having a good time right now.

This week’s episode ended with her rambling about her demands that Bravo cut the footage from the dinner, to the exhasperation of her castmates.

If chanting "Bravo, Bravo, Bravo" like an incantation to shut off the cameras failed, what could she do to get the ladies off of her back?

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The answer to that is simple, when you stop and think about it:

Find something new to talk about, like someone else’s sex life.

And Denise’s claim wouldn’t even have to be true, of course.

She could claim that Brandi told her anything, and then demand to know why people believe Brandi’s story but don’t believe hers.

You see this kind of tactic in political arguments all of the time. Less so on reality shows.

Often, it falls flat, because the argument style is inherently disengenuous.

Maybe Denise is trying to "prove a point."

Maybe she is going to tell them all that Lisa and Brandi boned each other’s brains out, then reveal that she made it up on the spot.

In her mind, it might be a great way to demonstrate how easy it is to lie and a way to exact revenge on Lisa, who she feels has betrayed her.

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But in reality, it is Denise’s over-the-top reaction and the earnestness of Brandi’s confession to the group that has them convinced.

Hey, maybe one of them has hooked up with Brandi. Maybe it’s a fabrication.

But if Lisa shrugs off a lie or says "oh yeah, Brandi and I tribbed each other’s brains out," that’ll be the end of the conversation.

Like Garcelle, we agree that Denise’s sex life is hers to share or to not share.

Her objections to the discussion of it being filmed and aired seem childish and, to many fans, a little like protesting too much.

Also like Garcelle, we would personally like to know, because we’re hella nosy.

This is the preview clip!

What do you think? Is the collective accusation of Lisa Rinna the real deal or just clever editing?

And is Denise telling the truth?