Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Domestic Violence, Blasts Abusers In Emotional Instagram Post

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For many Teen Mom 2 viewers, Chelsea Houska is the embodiment of the #RelationshipGoals hashtag.

But Chelsea's home life hasn't always been one of contentment and stability.

Houska, C.

For years, Chelsea was tormented by Adam Lind, the father of her daughter, Aubree.

Even after she wisely parted ways with Lind, Chelsea was torn between cutting him out of her life entirely and trying to ensure that Aubree would have at least some semblance of a relationship with her father.

These days, Lind has very little to do with Aubree.

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

He's permitted to see her only during supervised visits at his parents' house, and according to Chelsea, he rarely takes advantage of those opportunities.

When Lind got off probation in October of last year, there were concerns that he would once again become a menacing presence in Chelsea's life, but he seems to have little interest in either his ex or his daughter.

As sad as that is, it's probably for the best.

Adam Lind Pitches Protein Bars on Instagram

Lind's meth addiction and anger issues have been well-documented, and while Chelsea has said little about the abuse she endured, the interactions with Adam that were caught by MTV cameras were enough to trigger intense emotional responses from domestic violence survivors.

In November of 2017, Lind was arrested on four counts of domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted his then-girlfriend Stasia Huber.

Those close to the case say Chelsea was intensely sympathetic toward Huber and offered to help in any way she could.

Chelsea Houska With Son Watson

Now, Chelsea is reaching out.

She is doing so in hopes of helping others who have escaped or are still stuck in abusive relationships.

Earlier this week, Chelsea posted the above photo of herself and her Watson, her 3-year-old son by husband Cole DeBoer.

Chelsea and Cole Picture

Along side the photo she wrote a poignant caption about the urgency of assisting women who have been affected by domestic violence.

"No one should have to live in fear, especially in their own home," Houska wrote.

That is a powerful and serious message, one that struck a chord with countless followers.

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With #4?

"I’m so proud to partner with Children’s Inn to help #DriveOutDV from our community," Chelsea added.

"Together, we can make an impact. Learn more and get your shirt at @chssdorg."

With 5.7 million Instagram followers, Chelsea has the most popular account of all the Teen Moms.

Chelsea Houska Wears Shorts

And it seems she's well aware of her obligation to use her platform for good.

Houska's post garnered a massive response.

In fact, many of her followers offered heartbreaking accounts of their own experiences with domestic violence.

Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds

"Holy crap this hits home," one fan wrote.

"Left domestic violence in 2/2019 and have been raising my crew of kids alone ever since," she added.

Our hearts of course go out to all of these commenters who can relate to this horror.

Chelsea Houska Fashion

"You used to be in that type of situation and I’ve loved watching you be loved correctly by cole," a second fan wrote.

"I grew up in domestic violence and I appreciate this post more than words can say," a third follower chimed in.

"The hospital stays I had they were all believed when I told people I fell I tripped I walked into a wall this needs to be helped." 

Chelsea and Cole De Boer

"He’s beautiful and I love you supporting DV," added Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun.

Chelsea lost thousands of followers and came under fire last month.

This went down when she failed to remark on the police murder of George Floyd or the Black Lives Matter protests that it inspired.

Chelsea Houska in a Gold Blazer

Houska's post about a "cute blazer" sparked harsh and immediate backlash.

This happened as the plight of Black Americans was at the forefront of most Americans' minds.

Everyone was using whatever voice and platform that they had to do whatever good they could do.

Chelsea Houska and Family

Perhaps the incident taught Chelsea a valuable lesson about the impact she has on millions of people.

(Many of whom, we might add, are both young and impressionable)

There are many affluent reality stars whom we would not think capable of internalizing such a lesson.

Chelsea Houska in Sunglasses

But Chelsea seems to be a person who keenly understands the importance of growth.

Her life story, after all, includes no shortage of it.

After escaping her situation with Lind, Chelsea married Cole in 2016.

Chelsea Houska and Family Photo

The couple met at a gas station, but Houska says they "didn't even talk" on that occasion, as they were both "shy."

Fortunately, they were eventually able to conquer that shyness.

The couple has two children together, and Cole has assumed the role of the father figure that Aubree always deserved.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

For years, Chelsea has served as a sort of aspirational figure for Teen Mom viewers.

These are viewers who long for a relationship as healthy as her own.

For many, her life is much-needed living proof that happy endings are possible.

Chelsea Houska on Halloween

Now, it seems she wants to lead in other ways, as well.

We applaud her efforts.

And we're sure that her millions of fans do, as well.

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